Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Make Money Online Test Post

Wow.. it's been a while since I posted here. It's not that I'm not making money online but rather it's been the same earning source each month so there's nothing you don't already know right?

Anyway, I am posting today using the new blogger interface. I must say it looks very different from what I am used to but since blogspot is moving everyone to this platform, I reckon it's as good a time to try it out and see how bad (or good) it is.

So here's an image...large and centered.

Here's a LARGEST, Large and RED font test..

So far so good..

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  1. So far so good for you, good la.. me no likey and will def be bugging u later if I have to change for real.. btw, my prob with WOAFS still persists with my last post, so had to remove the necessary from the color code then only can see pink sigh!

    1. I guess it takes a little bit of getting use too dearie. Try it out while there is still a choice to switch around..

      I am still figuring out what is wrong.. hmm.. did you try doing the link color change while on the new interface?


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