Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CMF Ads to Close in October 2011

If you're a member of CMF, you might want to know this.

They are closing the program people and whatever the reasons are, you'd want to take note of this timetable:

  • September 16th: Add Funds option disabled. Add Blog option disabled.
  • September 18th: We will disable the ability to place new ads on this date. This will affect Campaigns, Network Ads, Fireworks, Atomic Ads and Spikes. Any running ads will have time to complete before the cut-off dates listed below.
  • September 25th: The current cashout screen will be disabled. (We will provide a new way to cash out so we can do the last cashouts in one big payment. More on this soon.)
  • October 23rd: Cut-off date for cashout requests. Any funds that have not been cashed out at this stage will be lost.
  • October 23rd: Widgets and ads disabled.
  • Before October 30th: Final cashout requests will be processed.
  • October 30th: Site closure.

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  1. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh lucky I read this dearie, terus cash out my last 11 bucks ha ha!

  2. So closing down edi, good la.. ever since they started the free ad thingy tu, it all went haywire...

  3. Good, can remove widget now and make more space in mah sidebar ahaks!

  4. It's a shame CMF is closing because it's always worked really well for me :-(

    Mariuca: what was the free ad thing?


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