Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ramblings on a Saturday

I've been so busy lately that you think I was holding some high ranking job or something but nah, just busy with life I suppose. Good thing I'm not into gardening or plants or for sure both my outdoor planters and indoor planters would have been neglected by now. I mean even my laundry has been hanging for some time simply because I don't have time to fold them and keep them nicely in my wardrobe. If the necessary things don't get done, I don't suppose anything like an indoor planter would have gotten the necessary tending to.

But you know what, I seriously have to blame the kitties this time. As much I love them, they are keeping me and Azwaj really busy and with the holidays and deadline looming for most of my jobs, it's a wonder if I ever get any sleep! Oh no.. looks like panda eyes for me!


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  1. I gave this BV PB a miss LJ and 2 others, tak sempat buat.. :(

  2. me to just busy with life. hahaha.

  3. Oh no.. Use Garnier eye-roll for dark circles.. Works for most of my friends! (it worked a bit for me too).. Sort of..

    Kesian u n hubs.. Memang kitties ni mcm tu.. I have to care for my aunt's kitty now that she's in Spore for Raya but luckily she only buat hal for short period of time and once she's full, she's ok.. If not, headache.. :P Hope you'll get a good sleep soon LJ

  4. Me rushing out to meet deadline ni GP..
    been slagging.. :(

  5. Yeay Bella.. i bought it while I was in SIngapore.. not seeing any results yet but crossing my fingers for sure..

    tulah.. Joy is keeping us extra busy but it's ok.. we are coping.. though stress a bit.. hoping to sleep too

    haha.. yelah kitties once full, can sleep for hours.. phew!

  6. hahha Elai.. no kids so kitties to blame.. lol!

  7. lol @ blame the kitties... i hope u get some rest LJ :)

  8. oh, poor kitties, blamed for mommy's busy-ness. hahaha


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