Sunday, April 11, 2010


When it comes to relatives, sometimes you never think they would swindle you of your money. So you get into business with them with no doubts in your mind that they would be as honest with you as you are with them. You never thought that they would cheat you or run off with your money so much so you never bother to find out about business insurance quotes and getting any insurance policy for the product they claimed they are sending to another location to sell.

This happened to someone I know once. Let's call him Z. A relative that Z trusted took some antique furniture from a vendor that he knew to be sold in California. Z did not get any local business insurance to cover the consignment. He thought about checking with the California Department of Insurance to find out more about California business insurance but since he really trusted the relative, Z let the matter slipped his mind.

A month passed and no news was received from the relative. Z assumed that he was busy with sales and business transactions and again never let the issue bother him. His wife was concerned but he wasn't, sure that his relative would call the following week.

Two months later and a RM200,000 invoice due to the vendor, there was still no news of the relative. He disappeared with no indication of ever turning up again.

Moral of the study: You can't trust anyone when it comes to money matter.


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  2. Yeah don't be fooled with relatives oso nowadays... dats why I don do biz or dealings with family/relatives..they're too close to me and if something goes wrong, then gaduh.. best to avoid..

  3. I agree LJ, sighhhh

    Speaking of realtives, we have to be very careful. Having same sort of problems, though not RM200k, these problems are driving me nuts and making me having headaches.

    Apa nak jadi jadilah, tahap ni, tak kisah kalau putus hubungan dari memendam sakit hati bertahun-tahun


  4. nowadays even siblings can kill each other for money.. it's hard to trust, esp when it comes to business dealings.. i suppose dealing with outsiders are easier. when family bond is involved, they can always use that as an excuse to get "kelonggaran" n stuffs..

  5. Hi LadyJava,
    If you do not know my story, I merajuk and shifted here in Marang is because it was a foul play, the house where I was staying my whole life with my late mum and most of the instalments paid by me and according to my late mum wishes to change into my name never happened, instead my supposedly trusted brother, a Datuk, listened to his slut 2nd wife, (the wife already got million and divoiced him!) sold the house and distributed to even those who never contributed a cent and on the top of it even those very well to do sister who have 7 luxury cars parked in front of her million dollar house took the chicken feed share! My! My! greedy aren't they, me now jobless only living on my saving got to rent a house now and I am amazed with myself, I can even feed now 29 cats in total which cost me roughtly about RM1,000+ for just 2 to 3 months period, madness kan?!!! Nobody in this world will ever believe this! So. to me they all have swindled me!!!!

    And on the top of that Rm18,400.00 dah pun di gelapkan by one of my nephew's manager but he is not responsible to act even after many time of persuation to make a police report. I do not want to do that because if I did, he will be the one who will end up behind bar! They come from well to family but the parents are all out for their son and I am left stranded and now all behave as though nothing happened!

    So bottom line is do not trust anybody when come to money, I am not saying that I am too good to be true, but I think I am because I won't have a heart to do to others, especially to a dear person who is not jobless.

    Luckily I have certain talent, so now here in Marang I am teaching some local student English based on good quide books.

  6. yes DON'T TRUST anyone 100% except yourself!! :-P

  7. Definitely..
    Never trust anyone when it comes to money

  8. Oh I agree Bella...
    Sometimes dealing with outsiders are much better.. you can leave them but relatives.. hmm

  9. Oh itu citernya Lil
    I sympathise with you dearie..
    Takper.. mereka akan dapat balasan one day for sure..

  10. Wah so serious Rizal..
    Oh well.. if they deserve it.. then what to do kan

  11. i agree! even relatives can't be trusted anymore especially with the ongoing crisis. it's sad but it's true :(


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