Saturday, March 27, 2010

Payout #10: Sponsored Review **

In case you don't already know, yes, you can get paid for blogging and here's the proof. Join me and be on you way to earning while having fun :)

I seriously don't know how many number of payouts I got from this company but let's be conservative and say this is my 10th payment ok :)


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  1. Hiya Pinaymommy
    I noticed that is is kinda slow for my blogs with no PR but once you do.. wowee.. the offers keep coming in..
    But you can still try to bid and who know you might be lucky!
    Happy weekend!

  2. Ka-ching kaching LJ, enjoy ur hard earned money dearie!

  3. Yay FC!! Can i have...WOAFS here today LJ? Thanks sweetie! $$$

  4. Since the have been wanting blogs with PR, I no longer work for them that much. I just hope they have some tasks for non PR blogs. :)

  5. LJ, i never get PBs frm SR! why oh why :((

  6. Hi I would like to inform you that your site is included on my adgitizing tools but the list is only temporary if you are interested to remain pls check out how at

  7. Why ah.. have refreshed your stat over at SR Mon? and don’t charge to much lah..
    For me I charge 40 only for LJL .. LJC I charge a bit more coz I tend to be more selective there


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