Monday, September 14, 2009

Entertainment Night

If you read my other blog, you'll know that my hubby just lost his motorcycle's tires this evening. Some inconsiderate moronic cruel people with every malice in the world just decided that they loved hub's sports rim and want it for themselves. So they got some friends together, break the lights that was at the parking bay, did their thing and ran off with it leaving hub's motorbike just resting on it's fork with chains and everything else just dangling away!

So poor hubs is now not only without his usual mode of transportation but also need to fork out more money for the lorry and replacement of the missing tires! He really needs to chill out and relax and cheer himself up. If only there was entertainment shows that we can tickets too like New York Jets Tickets or Jay Leno Tickets or even Bryce Jordan Center Tickets.

Oh well.. I guess watching DVD would suffice for now.. Poor baby!

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