Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Points System for Adgitize..

Now there is more incentive to join, drop and advertise on Adgitize.. Below changes can also read at their site:

Many Publishers Are Happy

As many of you realize the whole system of publishers and advertisers is incumbent upon the system to have a revenue stream. I know many publishers are happy with the extra amount of money they receive from Adgitize, but I know many of you would like more.

Our executive team has approved 3 new programs that will all come on line in the next 60 days. The first program is being implemented tonight and will affect you immediately. We are increasing the total number of points available to a member by 100 points to a total of 600 points per day.
Advertising Discounts

The program we are implementing tonight will encourage advertisers to place more than one ad with us. We are discounting the 3rd ad placed on the Adgitize Ad Network to only $13 a month. The 4th ad will be discounted to $12 a month. There must be at least 10 days left on remaining ads to receive these discounts.

Now, advertisers should be happy to have reduced costs for placing extra ads with us. Advertiser/publisher members who do both will be happy because additional ads will now be rewarded with additional points. The first ad in the Adgitize Ad Network is still worth 100 points a day. The 2nd ad will be worth an additional 50 points per day. The 3rd ad will be worth an additional 25 points a day and the 4th ad will be worth another 25 points a day.

With increased ads from advertisers - publishers should see their net revenue rise. This will probably take two to six weeks to see the kind of bump to make a publisher excited. But, I think it will definitely happen.

Secondly, in about 2 weeks we will be implementing our Preferred Publisher program. This program will be a paid program for publishers to get more traffic to their blog at a smaller cost than a monthly ad in the Adgitize Ad Network.
Preferred Publishers List

This program will replace the “Blogs Not Clicked List.” Plus, the Preferred Publishers list will be available on the Adgitize Home page and will see some outside traffic. This will not be the branding or traffic opportunity that a normal ad will receive, but it will provide publishers with some Adgitize traffic.

There will be specific rules about placement of Adgitize Ad Groups to qualify for this program. Adgitize points (Up to 100 points a day) will be awarded to publishers involved in this program.

Third, toward the end of September we will rollout the Adgitize Marketplace. This will be an interesting mix for bloggers and non-bloggers to interact and buy and sell services to grow their blog and increase revenue. Points in the Adgitize System will be awarded for selling and buying in this program. More information to come in 6 weeks.
Points Go Up Starting Tonight

I think many of you will be excited about these changes and new products. Give us a chance to grow your blogs and help you earn more money. Don’t look for overnight surprises. Some members already running multiple ads in our system will see their points go up starting tonight.

Those on the Leaderboard that only have one ad in the system, don’t panic. It is great being at the top of the Leaderboard, but I think you will like even more when you see more affiliate income and more revenue each month.

Thank you all for being a part of Adgitize. I hope that you embrace these changes and I am expecting these changes to be a positive result for the Adgitize system. Let me know your feelings about these changes.

Join me and find out how you too can advertise for free on the Adgitize system!


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  1. :* :* :* :-$ :-$ :-$

  2. Adgitize is really doing well! Great job, Adgi! And thanks LJ for posting about it. :)

  3. Im looking forward to the new system LJ! Adgi rocks! :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$

  4. I think maybe advertise MD in Sep kut...meow! 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

  5. Yeah me too. will advertise for CT kot

  6. I concur GP!
    Adgi Rocks!!!

  7. Hiya Debbs!!

  8. Thanks for reading Debbs
    Will advertise more for sure!

  9. Thanks for reading Debbs
    Will advertise more for sure!


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