Monday, May 18, 2009

Sink oh Sink

One other house chore that I love, besides vacuuming the floor, is washing the dishes. Not sure why I like it but I just do. I guess it all that soap and that clean feeling you get right after you do the dishwashing. Call me weird! lol!

That being said, you guys know I am moving right? Well, although the stainless steel sinks over at the new apartment is all good and all, I can't help but wish we could change it to something like the one I featured here. I mean check out the triple bowl sink. I could separate my soaped up dishes separately from the the not soaped up ones yet.. and I can put the dish washing liquid and the sponge right there in that middle bowl.. Wow I feel like I'm in dish washing heaven already! lol!

Anyway, my move is definitely happening sometime soon. My mother-in-law is home, after being hospitalised for 2 weeks, and now we are only waiting on the results of Anja's blood test. If all goes well, we plan to move sometime end of this month. Our apartment is in a condition where it is neither here nor day so I hope we can really get this move on the right track.

Till then..it's a like a cowboy town here! lol!



  1. I don't like dish washing LJ, that's the one chore that I don't like, aside from dusting and sweeping the floor.. LOL I don't like to do chores! :-D

  2. But I do love that triple sink! :-D

  3. But I do love that triple sink! :-D


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