Thursday, May 7, 2009

Online Pharmacy Please

Have you ever wished that you can just buy medicine online sometimes? I do. Especially to buy asthma medicine for my mom. Currently I just buy her medicine from here and when I go back to Singapore, I just bring them along but at times when I'm busy like now for instance with the move, my mother-in-law being hospitalized and everything else, I just can't find time to go back to Singapore and deliver her medicine to her.

Well.. I just found a site that might just solve the problem. Meds India are an online licensed Indian pharmacy that not only does online sales but also at a fraction of the price! No doubt they might take a few weeks for the items to arrive but if we plan properly my mom will never run out of supplies.

How's that for awesome? I'm still figuring out the procedure and things but I guess it should not be problem. I'll just put in an order and see how it works out :)


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