Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's Go Shopping

I love my work online. I seriously do. I get to spend as much time or less time I want and it is up to me to decide my working hours. What is making me even more deliriously happy is that my blog makeover business is really keeping me busy and being busy means more .. cash for me to spend..LOL!

A and I got a few wishlist on our list and since both of them revolved around a Home Theatre dream, we decided to check out ShopWiki for what offers might be in store for us. I love this site as they not only have 30,000 stores, which means more offers for that LCD TV and HDTV but they also offers advice on the differences of the different kind of product you're going to buy, the pros and the cons and what not!

Like do you know that for some LCD screen, the color black might not be displayed very well and that for watching movie, plasma may be a better choice? I did not know that so am glad that I was over at ShopWiki to find that out before making the jump.

So if you want shopping with a difference, shop at ShopWiki!


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  1. nowadays, there's so many cheap choices that people are looking at the price rather than the specs itself! :)


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