Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Want To Be A Couch Potato

Now that most of my favorite tv series like Prison Break, Lost, Supernatural and Sara Chronicles have ended their season run, I am in a need of some new shows to get hooked on. I've watched most of the shows that are showing on Malaysian tv are so I am really desperate. I may consider subscribing to Direct TV if this goes on. With over 150 channels, I'm sure I can find something to while away my time when I don't feel like blogging or playing games.

Direct TV is not expensive as well. For USD34.99 per month, I am spoilt for choice! Plus I get to see all the new shows even before it hit Malaysia! And if I'm really in the mood to splurge, I can even get the USD44.99 package and get the recorder as well!

Direct TV is definitely on my wishlist for sure :)


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Got a Current Account at Al-Rajhi Bank *

Every since I started earning online, I use Al-Rajhi bank to withdraw my earnings via their ATM machine. I wanted to open a current account before as then I can just write a cheque for myself and save the travelling to the ATM machine but then they needed an introducer for that and I did not know of any. Anyway, a guest commented on my blog entry about that and tells me to go to Subang branch to open a current account. I was intrigue..

So I called Al-Rajhi a few weeks back and they say now we can approach the bank manager and request to open a current account even without an introducer.. And we did and we are now proud owner of a current account at Al-Rajhi. All I need now is just write me a cheque and deposit into my "working" bank account! How cool is that?!


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Monday, May 18, 2009

Sink oh Sink

One other house chore that I love, besides vacuuming the floor, is washing the dishes. Not sure why I like it but I just do. I guess it all that soap and that clean feeling you get right after you do the dishwashing. Call me weird! lol!

That being said, you guys know I am moving right? Well, although the stainless steel sinks over at the new apartment is all good and all, I can't help but wish we could change it to something like the one I featured here. I mean check out the triple bowl sink. I could separate my soaped up dishes separately from the the not soaped up ones yet.. and I can put the dish washing liquid and the sponge right there in that middle bowl.. Wow I feel like I'm in dish washing heaven already! lol!

Anyway, my move is definitely happening sometime soon. My mother-in-law is home, after being hospitalised for 2 weeks, and now we are only waiting on the results of Anja's blood test. If all goes well, we plan to move sometime end of this month. Our apartment is in a condition where it is neither here nor day so I hope we can really get this move on the right track.

Till then..it's a like a cowboy town here! lol!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gold Coins Galore!

Wowee.. good thing I'm not into gold coins. Otherwise I am sure that I would spend my time looking at all the gold coins over at Gold Coins Gain, if not to buy gold coins then surely to admire all the coins available there.

Though I love to buy gold rings and bracelet for example, I can never imagine myself stocking up on gold coins. However if you are into that that and planning to buy gold bullion or doing a gold ira transfer, then this site is definitely to go. There are lots of information that as a collector or a trader you might find useful as well.

So.. don't let me stop you and go ahead to the site. Who knows? You might start your own collection soon ;)


Friday, May 15, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need to Get Your Own Hosting

Ah.. the old age question. Should I get web hosting? Well my answer would always be the same which is "NO" simply because I don't need any fancy stuff installed at my blogs. Neither do I need to install any plugins that require me to host it at my own hosting.

However, there are those that need to have hosting for reasons of their own. For instance a client of mine wanted to set up her own zazzle store and for the the zazzle store to work at her own website, she needed to get hosting of her own that supports PHP scripts. So now she needs to look for a hosting company that not only is economical but also supports PHP scripts. So I suggested she check out this site called Web Hosting Rating. There you not only get a listing of all the economical sites but also get reviews on how reliable they are.

Also you can check out articles like What Makes Web Hosting So Cheap? and Can You Survive with Cheap Web Hosting? at the site. Useful information I'm sure for those considering web hosting.


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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Payout from Linkworth *

Another payout from Linkworth. You can join me here and earn like me!


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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Online Pharmacy Please

Have you ever wished that you can just buy medicine online sometimes? I do. Especially to buy asthma medicine for my mom. Currently I just buy her medicine from here and when I go back to Singapore, I just bring them along but at times when I'm busy like now for instance with the move, my mother-in-law being hospitalized and everything else, I just can't find time to go back to Singapore and deliver her medicine to her.

Well.. I just found a site that might just solve the problem. Meds India are an online licensed Indian pharmacy that not only does online sales but also at a fraction of the price! No doubt they might take a few weeks for the items to arrive but if we plan properly my mom will never run out of supplies.

How's that for awesome? I'm still figuring out the procedure and things but I guess it should not be problem. I'll just put in an order and see how it works out :)


Let's Go Shopping

I love my work online. I seriously do. I get to spend as much time or less time I want and it is up to me to decide my working hours. What is making me even more deliriously happy is that my blog makeover business is really keeping me busy and being busy means more .. cash for me to spend..LOL!

A and I got a few wishlist on our list and since both of them revolved around a Home Theatre dream, we decided to check out ShopWiki for what offers might be in store for us. I love this site as they not only have 30,000 stores, which means more offers for that LCD TV and HDTV but they also offers advice on the differences of the different kind of product you're going to buy, the pros and the cons and what not!

Like do you know that for some LCD screen, the color black might not be displayed very well and that for watching movie, plasma may be a better choice? I did not know that so am glad that I was over at ShopWiki to find that out before making the jump.

So if you want shopping with a difference, shop at ShopWiki!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lightings for the New Home

Now that we pretty much decided that the move is going to happen, we have so many things to do. Firstly I've yet to confirm with the movers the exact date of the move itself. In fact, my landlord don't even know we are moving yet. LOL!

Then, of course, we have to clean up the new apartment as well before we can start moving the little stuff in. There are some light fixtures that we need to replace and as we don't like like those bulb that gives out those "red" light, we need to find a bulbs that gives out the "white" light for the chandeliers as well that Abah has installed in the living room. Apart from the lighting fixtures, A also got to do some little repairing to the parquet flooring in one of the room that we are converting to a work office.

Arghh.. so little time and still so many things to do and and between visiting mother-in-law in the hospital, my blog makeovers and the packing, I need more than a pair of hands for sure! Too badk the kitties can't offer their help! Lol!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Give Me DirectTV

Living on this side of the world means that we do not always get to view the latest episode of our favorite tv shows. For example, Prison Break, my favorite serial tv show of all time, because of Wentworth Miller, is only on Season 3 here when in States, it is already showing season 4 and in fact it is already on a break and re-starting again this summer!

That is why I'm thinking of getting Direct TV. With Satellite Directv, not only do I get to watch all my favorite show, I even get to record them straight to my pc if I wanted too. How's that for being spoilt rotten..lol! And get this, there are 130 channels to choose from featuring all the major networks!

So if you are like me who likes to be a couch potato sometimes, why not check out DirectTV right now. Let's get updated on our tv shows people!


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