Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Payout from Ask2Link *

This is actually my third payout from this program called Ask2Link. Initially payout was at $10 but due to the economics crisis, the program has decided to do their payout monthly no matter what your balance is to help us along. What an awesomely considerate paymaster I say!

This is a program where you sell you ad space on your blog. All you need to do is just register, set up a simple code and wait for the advertisers to come. It is worth mentioning here not to put your prices too high. There are guidelines at the site on the appropriate offer price depending on the PR of your blogs :)

Anyway, here's my payout proof and you can just click on the banner below to get started.

Earn money from your website/blog. Get paid through PayPal

Good luck!


First commenter gets linky love!



  1. yeaahh!! i guess so too!! :) :) :) i'm so sleepy too.. slept late woke up early and still doing house chores. thank God for twitter. hahaha..

  2. oh later i join this one.. i thought i read marzie saying she said this program tak best?

  3. hahaha... thank for twitter and water tumbler??

  4. hehe.. well best if you have advertiser lah.. lol!!

  5. ahahahaaha.. oh yes.. twitter and water tumbler.. that one nite i was off my game!! buddy took my tumbler and brought it to the room! LOL!

  6. haah.. no wonder lah you missed out on some FC post...lol!.
    Buddy buddy.. go hide your mommy's tumbler more ok..
    that hypno worked lah!! .lol!

  7. hahahahahaah.. i should have known!!! LOL! just you wait... i'll be handcuffing my tumbler to the table! LOL! k lah.. back to housework!! ;) ;)

  8. lol!!
    ok.. enjoy !!

  9. lol!!
    ok.. enjoy !!


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