Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking for that Perfect Hosting

I am currently in the market for the perfect web site hosting. As you guys know, I am in the blog makeover business. Currently, however, that is limited to blogs hosted on blogspot only and so if I want expand my services to include blogs hosted on wordpress, I need to brush up on my wordpress skill first.

So, I am really glad I found this Web Hosting Reviews & Rating site that gives me clear information on which are the best webhost for 2008. The site gives me a breakdown that includes the host name, it's rank and features. There is also a column for users to review the web host in question. I now know exactly what to look for.

There is also a particular article at the site titled, How to Choose a Good Domain Name that I feel all potential domain name owners should read before purchasing one for themselves. Check it out won't you.


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