Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking for that Perfect Hosting

I am currently in the market for the perfect web site hosting. As you guys know, I am in the blog makeover business. Currently, however, that is limited to blogs hosted on blogspot only and so if I want expand my services to include blogs hosted on wordpress, I need to brush up on my wordpress skill first.

So, I am really glad I found this Web Hosting Reviews & Rating site that gives me clear information on which are the best webhost for 2008. The site gives me a breakdown that includes the host name, it's rank and features. There is also a column for users to review the web host in question. I now know exactly what to look for.

There is also a particular article at the site titled, How to Choose a Good Domain Name that I feel all potential domain name owners should read before purchasing one for themselves. Check it out won't you.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Adgitize Site Down

I'm sure for those of you who are using Adgitize at your blog noticed the absence of ads and in fact if you try to login into your account since a few days ago you would have gotten no response whatsover from the site.

Well I was trying my luck today to see whether I am still unable to login when I this message greated me at the login page...

It seems that our database server is down currently (causing the login page to not work and ad views to not show). We're doing everything in our power to move it along, unfortunately we don't have much power over these things. We were assured it will be back up soon, admittedly we were hoping it would be up by now. Once everything is back up all current advertisers will receive a one week extension on their ad to make up for the lost time. Thank you for your continued patience and I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience!

So now the mystery is solved.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Payout Proof from Today.com

I got paid! I got paid! This is from a program that I joined earlier this month. Basically you get paid a dollar day for blogging about anything you like with regards to your blog category of course. No need to write for advertisers so no worries about pagerank or anything.. They also pay for traffic from unique IP so the more traffic you get, the more you will earn!

Look at my lovely paycheck and join me ok!


Monday, January 5, 2009

PR Rounds are Here Again

Yeap peeps, it's here again, that very much anticipated Page Rank or more fondly known as PR. Some blogs have made improvements, some have lost it and some have just remained stagnant like all my blogs. I'm hoping that if I can't get any ranks improvement on my blogs, then it is better that they stay the same. Here's hoping :)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that I found this fantastic firefox plugin for PR monitoring on any site that you visit. I know I know, MrG toolbar can do that but I am not really into toolbar simply coz I don't use that much. After installation, the PR indicator just sits on the status bar down there instead of of up there.. so it's really not distracting at all. This is what it looks like when I am at my money blog.

See the PR3 there.. this changes each time I go to another blog so for instance if I were to go to my food blog, then it would be a PR2 and my cat blog and my gossip blog would be PR3 and so on and do forth.

Here's how to get it:

  1. Install firefox (if you don't already have it)
  2. Visit this site and install the plugin.
  3. Restart your firefox browser and you're done!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Changes at Today.com

I'm not sure if you guys noticed but Today.com is implementing a one theme look (Grandy, I told you about this remember - don't worry I'll do the banner new sizing for free if you decide to change) for all it's member blogs. This was announced a while back and only recently they have this at their forum post:

Default Today.com Custom Theme
Today.com's New Custom Theme is still in the BETA testing phase but there has been so much talk around the forum that we have decided to activate the theme for all of our users to use.

You can switch your theme by logging in and going to your wordpress/blog control panel under the "Look & Feel" section. Our theme is called "Today.com Custom Theme", it is on page 6 at the bottom.

All of the issues below will hopefully be resolved when we decide our theme is fully completed and make a massive theme change to all our users. Until then, If you decide to switch over early on your own please keep in mind of the following issues, they are listed below.


1 - We Are Still Building and Testing
2 - May See Changes to Your Theme on a Daily Basis.
3 - May See Errors From Time to Time
4 - New Features May Come and Go
5 - Custom Coloring of the Theme is NOT completed yet
6 - May have to rearrange your widgets to make the theme look better
7 - Must Be Patient With Us!

Possible Problems:
1 - Will Have To Upload A New Header Image
2 - Widgets May Not Switch Over
------ 2 column themes widgets will DEFINITELY NOT move over
------ 3 column themes widgets may make a clean switch

So all of us will have a uniform look except for the header.. Let me know if you want me to design one for you. It's affordable I promise you :)


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Online Money Chat would like to wish all her visitors and readers today a.....

May it bring you joy, love, happiness and lots of Kaching!!!


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