Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eh?! Social Spark Surprise

I was very excited to see that my current account balance in Social Spark had reached USD37.50. So I hit the "Cash out" button and typed in the amount USD37.50.

As with my other payouts before with SS, I expected the message, "YOUR PAYOUT HAS BEEN MADE" and I would received an immediate email from paypal indicating that the payment has been made.

However this time, I was greeted with a message that said :

1 error prohibited this blogger cashout from being saved.

There were problems with the following fields:
* Transfer failed for $37.50 to *** - The account does not have sufficient funds to do this masspay
What does this mean. Anyone else had this experience before?



  1. LJ, how come ah? I thought SS payout supposed to be $25, right? Something wrong somewhere! We want our cash!!

  2. Tulah Debbie.. if not I'd be richer by that amt today..lol!! It's actually only USD20 and above dearie :)

    Will keep you update ok :)

  3. You're gonna write them a love letter ke ni? :) Mine has not reached $20 yet. :)

  4. But GP told me she tak pernah dapat ops from SS. Why ah I wonder?

  5. Have not written yet.. I think I wait another day and try and see what happens.. kalau tidak baru tulis love letter..lol!

  6. I'm also waiting for payment from PPP. The days to payment dah zero, but tak masuk lagi. I could use the money for more craft supplies.

  7. I also dun understand why GP does not get offers accepted by the advertiser. She has fantastic traffic..

    3P sometimes does a day late dearie.. but they pay. so not to worry ya :)

  8. And her MPG has not been accepted on BE right? My blogs are all in BE, even the baby, Phat-Wallet. I didn't wanna ask her cuz I don't want her to get upset, you know.

    Okay will wait for 3P. :)

  9. hm.. as far as you know.. she could not see the box to register to her MPG.. perhaps a glitch on her pc kot.. something that she disable perhaps.. not sure..

    If 3P dont pay by next week I suggest you sent them a ticket.. they ever missed a payment on one of my post. lucky I check.. that's now I keep track..

  10. LJ! Just received payment from 3P yeeha!! :):)

  11. Yeay.. and yeay for me too.. I got payout from SS!! will post in a while :)


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