Sunday, November 9, 2008

Earn with CIAO!!

I am very excited about this new program that I've just joined and I think it has great potential for people with lots of ideas and opinions about products and even movies!

The program is call CIAO! and you can earn by reviewing products from cell phone to mp3 players and from appliances to movies.

Here's a quick run at how the program works.

  1. After registering, login into your account
  2. Set up all the basic info including your paypal account
  3. Then using the search bar at your top right corner of your account page, try looking for anything you might want to review. In my case I wanted to see if I could do a review of my mobile phone, SE K850i
  4. If the item exist in the database, you would see result on the next page
  5. Click on the item and you will see PIC 1. Make sure you see the "$" sign behind the description of the item. The more "$" the better. This would mean you are paid for each rating you get from the other users.
  6. Now click on "Write a Review" and write away!

Pic 1

Now when other members rate your reviews.. you'll get paid! I've not been paid yet but payout is at USD5 only!

Easy enough right? Come join CIAO! and add me to your trusted friend. We'll check out each other reviews and rate accordingly! Oh after your register, check out my first review there as well and rate me ok :)

Oh.. you can also earn from your referral. You can invite new members to join Ciao in two main ways: either by sending them an e-mail which contains a link to the Ciao registration form, or by posting Ciao banners and other advertising materials containing links to the Ciao registration form on your own website. For each new member who you recruit for Ciao and who writes at least one product review on the site, we will make you a one-time payment of $1, and then pay you a 50% commission on your member's earnings from the Ciao website for the first 6 six months of his/her membership. The 50% commission on your friend's earnings does not include the $1 earnings from reviews they write, but does include a 50% commission on money awarded for positive ratings they receive, which can be worth 1 cent, 2 cents, or 3 cents.



  1. I think Ciao changed their rules about the amount per review. check it here: http://www.biznhoney.com/2008/11/ciaps-changes-to-our-incentive-system.html

    good thing I made my cashout before they changed the rules


  2. Thanks for sharing Aeirin :)
    I guess I joined a tad bit slow eh.. but it's ok.. I'll see what the program got to offer..

    Thanks again for dropping by :)


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