Sunday, October 5, 2008

Neobux paid me!

I got payout from another paid to click program yesterday. This was my first payout from the program called Neobux and since it's really working out for me I might even try out their Renting Referral program.

You get USD$0.01 per click and so far, I'm guessing because of my demographic, I've received 4 ads daily. Payout is at $2 only via paypal and alertpay. I got my payment in less than 24hours after requesting.

Come and join me ok duit



  1. Wahh..congrats LJ! Mine is $1.32 now, sepatutnya dah payout hari tu hehe but I use it to buy rent more refs. Hehe..

  2. Thanks Debbie!
    I wanted to withdraw to see how fast the withdrawal was.. and it was fast I tell..

    heheh.. i also rented ref lah last night... now must remember to login daily lah....lolz!

  3. Congrats LJ!!! Thanks very much for ad in MPL :) Woof!

  4. Thanks Sushi..and no problem on the ad...

    Happy Monday woofss!!

  5. Yay! Now you're renting refs so more kaching for you! :):)

  6. yihaa Debbie.. I hope so... payout is at USD4 now right?


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