Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Message from Paypal

I got a very strange email from Paypal a few days ago regarding my Singapore account. I remembered that I read somewhere if the email had my name on it it would probably be genuine but I was still skeptical and thus did not click on any links but went straight to my account.

True enough, there were resolution that needed to be resolved. It said that because I had exceeded the set limit in total transaction, paypal now needs me to send certain information to them. FYI I already did this when I first opened this account.

Since I have all the copies scanned before for my first verification, I just resend it to them immediately and a day later I got this email:

Phew.. made me sweat for a minute there...All is calm and ok again :)



  1. Ooh I'm glad that was just a clarification email, LJ. :)

  2. LJ you receive from same email you register your paypal or different. I always receive Paypal email but not to my registered paypal email....it mean somebody try to get our password and hack our account.

  3. Yeah Debbie.. glad it was too

    It's the same email address and has my name on it as well.. but I still just login into using paypal official website.. so I know it was a valid on... NEVER click from the email...

    Thanks for the advice :)

  4. Yeah, never click directly from email. One of my social network site sent me an email with my name and all, said that I haven't been log in for 3 weeks. So, I foolishly click the link given only to be directed to another page. Damn.. I hate spam email!

    Just glad that yours only need a clarification of your account :)

  5. Blue.. yeah.. me too.. I pernah kena with yahoo.. and my whole account go hijacked.. now if i see my old id... there's an ugly woman baring her breast to the whole world.. sob sob!!


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