Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Investment Fever

I don't know much about investing and what little knowledge I have are from my economics class in junior college and secretarial class. So I dare not dabbled with it even when friends were excited over contra trading in the early 80's before it was stopped by the government. Now the scenario would have been different if I had known about Inner 8 before.

What is Inner 8 you may ask? Inner 8 matches like-minded investors and provides innovative analytics to help them optimize their investing goals, strategies and results. It is also a place where investors come to share advice, get access to powerful tools and see what they are getting into before investing in a particular investment. It is an invaluable site to be a member of because once registered, you'll get to network with professional investors who can help you make the most of your investment. You also get to exchange opinion with other investors on when or what is a good buy or a great sell. Everyone at Inner 8 knows that "Sharing is Profitable" so everyone share whatever knowledge they have so that everyone earns.

So if investment is your forte, Inner 8 is the place to be!



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