Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dreaming of Cash

I've always wanted to go into a casino and play some jackpot slot machine. I think that would be the only ones I play anyway as I've not done any real gambling in my lifetime. I mean, I've played poker and blackjack online but I don't think I would have the guts to actually put real money into a game not unless I have an expert next to me or something..jelir

I use to fantasize that I would put in some coins, pull the lever and be one of those lucky dudes with a straight strike! That would be simply awesome wouldn't it?? I could do some much with the win.

The closest casino to us here in Malaysia would of course be in Genting Highlands. However, for some reason, no one wants to accompany me and when we do visit this tourist attraction, it is mainly to hang around at the theme park, which I love by the way sengihnampakgigi.

So for now, I guess I just hang around facebook and play around with the poker games there. Anyone wants to join me?



  1. LJ I have been few casino, Malaysia, Hong kong and Macau...emmm I just don't feel I want to play. So far no body can prove to me that as a player you can be rich but yes to the owner...heee

  2. Hi Bono...I've not tried but would love to at least once kot..lol!

  3. Me and my husband like to go to casino too. It is fun playing there. Actually, we are booked to go to Oklahoma next weekend :)

  4. Marly..
    Wow.. fun for both you and your hubby.. have a great trip and good luck!!!


Thank you for your comments and enjoy your stay :-)

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