Saturday, October 25, 2008



Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dreaming of Cash

I've always wanted to go into a casino and play some jackpot slot machine. I think that would be the only ones I play anyway as I've not done any real gambling in my lifetime. I mean, I've played poker and blackjack online but I don't think I would have the guts to actually put real money into a game not unless I have an expert next to me or something..jelir

I use to fantasize that I would put in some coins, pull the lever and be one of those lucky dudes with a straight strike! That would be simply awesome wouldn't it?? I could do some much with the win.

The closest casino to us here in Malaysia would of course be in Genting Highlands. However, for some reason, no one wants to accompany me and when we do visit this tourist attraction, it is mainly to hang around at the theme park, which I love by the way sengihnampakgigi.

So for now, I guess I just hang around facebook and play around with the poker games there. Anyone wants to join me?


Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Message from Paypal

I got a very strange email from Paypal a few days ago regarding my Singapore account. I remembered that I read somewhere if the email had my name on it it would probably be genuine but I was still skeptical and thus did not click on any links but went straight to my account.

True enough, there were resolution that needed to be resolved. It said that because I had exceeded the set limit in total transaction, paypal now needs me to send certain information to them. FYI I already did this when I first opened this account.

Since I have all the copies scanned before for my first verification, I just resend it to them immediately and a day later I got this email:

Phew.. made me sweat for a minute there...All is calm and ok again :)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm A Newbie Forever

Someone I just got to know of recently asked me which website hosting company I was using and when I told her I was using a free provider namely blogspot, the lady dared give me a sneer. When I asked her what the sneer and snort was for, she told me that anyone who really regarded blogging as serious money making business would go with own domain, hosting and wordpress. I asked her how much was she earning monthly and she proudly said ... USD200! Guess who had the last laugh, sneer and snort!!

Seriously who actually determined who's a problogger or otherwise and do I really care? Yes I blog both for fun and money and issues like SEO and PR are of great interest to me but no matter how much I know or I think I know, I still regard myself as a newbie because I am still learning everyday and I make mistakes everyday too.

That being said, if you guys feel that by being on wordpress and having your own hosting makes you a problogger then by all means check out Web Hosting Rating dot com for the latest hosting pricing and offers available to you. After all we are here to make money not spend them unnecessarily right?


What Happened to FeedJIT?

I love looking at where my traffic is coming for and I'm using feedjit dot com but today I just realised that the widget is not showing at all. Where it is supposed to show is now just a blank.

So I went to the site and whaddaya know.. it's down for maintenance. Oh well.. so guys if you are using the program as well, don't panic ok :)


Investment Fever

I don't know much about investing and what little knowledge I have are from my economics class in junior college and secretarial class. So I dare not dabbled with it even when friends were excited over contra trading in the early 80's before it was stopped by the government. Now the scenario would have been different if I had known about Inner 8 before.

What is Inner 8 you may ask? Inner 8 matches like-minded investors and provides innovative analytics to help them optimize their investing goals, strategies and results. It is also a place where investors come to share advice, get access to powerful tools and see what they are getting into before investing in a particular investment. It is an invaluable site to be a member of because once registered, you'll get to network with professional investors who can help you make the most of your investment. You also get to exchange opinion with other investors on when or what is a good buy or a great sell. Everyone at Inner 8 knows that "Sharing is Profitable" so everyone share whatever knowledge they have so that everyone earns.

So if investment is your forte, Inner 8 is the place to be!



Monday, October 6, 2008

Best Ad So Far

I had a good laughing session last night when I saw this ad on my google adsense over at LJL. Obviously when the bot was crawling the site it detected lots of "LJ" around and presto.. the ad for LJ 100 Tongkat Ali! gelakguling

Well done on the crawling Bot!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Neobux paid me!

I got payout from another paid to click program yesterday. This was my first payout from the program called Neobux and since it's really working out for me I might even try out their Renting Referral program.

You get USD$0.01 per click and so far, I'm guessing because of my demographic, I've received 4 ads daily. Payout is at $2 only via paypal and alertpay. I got my payment in less than 24hours after requesting.

Come and join me ok duit


Friday, October 3, 2008

FreebiesforWebmaster Program Update

I just received an email from FreebiesforWebmaster saying that basically they are no longer accepting new applications to the program and that some publishers may be removed from their program as well due to advertiser's requirement.

Gee Whiz.. I hope I won't get affected by this sedih

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