Friday, September 5, 2008

Payout from Freebies4Masters

I've joined Freebies4webmasters as a test run one month ago. I was not extremely confident about the site seeing how there isn't even a logout button... but I thought "hey passive income - why not?". I registered and within 24hours, my site was approved. As part of the TOS, the program chose three spots to display their 468x68 banner. You can see them here, here and here in action. Now one month later...

I received my payout for my one referral (an avid make money online "student" - thank you dearie and yes it paid off )

and today I got my signup bonus!

I'm not sure if there is another payout for the actual display of the banner this month or it only starts next month.. but I will keep you updated...:)

The next move is up to you.... join me?



  1. Hi,

    Yeah, I am quite concerned too. Just after my blog was approved, I changed my domain. I then requested the support to change my domain but I got some ridiculous replies. The support actually asked me to resubmit my blog even though I am just changing my domain.

    When I resubmitted my blog, they rejected it because I was already registered. However, I got my first payment last week. Thus, I don't care anymore.

    Have a great day.

  2. Yeay! Good for you that you got your payment despite all the confusion.. here's to more ching ching power to us ya :)

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience with the program :).. I'm sure it would be beneficial to the rest of the readers as well :)

  3. LJ, that "student" is me, right? Lol!! I also got one ref but don't know who la.

  4. hehe.. Debbie.. yelah.. YOU...lolzz!!! thanks dearie.. untung kan ikut i...lolzz!!!


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