Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Court Records in A Jiffy

There are so many criminals around us. Some are outright while others are more subtle. Now with this site, you can protect yourself from any criminals way before they act on you as you can search out if these people have any Court Records in a jiffy. Limited to the States, you just enter the person first and last name, enter the "State" box and if this person has ever been to court before, you'll find out about it!

Easy? You bet!


Monday, September 29, 2008

More Changes to EntreCard

Take note of all this changes people especially the one where theres is to be no more sale of EC Credits :

In order to continue operating in the long-term, Entrecard needs make some significant changes. These are summarized below:

  1. Buy credits for less: Entrecard is now selling 1,000 credits for $6.00.
  2. More pricing increments: Instead of prices doubling every time, there are now a few more steps. The new price points can be found on the Advertising page in the wiki.
  3. Members are not allowed to sell credits: This goes for ebay sales, posts in the Marketing forum, and posts on other forums. If you have references on your site to the sale of credits, please remove them immediately, as it is now against our terms.
  4. Credit transfer limits: Members are allowed to make a maximum of 14 credit transfers a week, up to a maximum of 1,000 credits, whichever comes first. This means you can still run contests where you give credits away for free, and under 1k per week. Note: This does not affect linked blogs, you can transfer unlimited credits between linked blogs.
  5. Transfer tax: From now on, all transfers, including transfers made with our new payments API, will be taxed at a rate of 12.5%. The taxed credits will be sold to members (see #1).
  6. Blogs cannot be unlinked: Once you link a blog, it’s there for good unless you ask us to delete the blog from your account. This prevents linking/unlinking to get around the credit transfer limits, and it also stops you losing access to a blog if you unlink it in error, which happens a lot.
  7. No more coupons: You are no longer allowed to send coupons.
  8. Shop closed: Except for Entrecard upgrades (Featured Status, Fast Pass) the Entrecard Shop is now offline until further notice. Please do not request a seller token until the shop returns. When it comes back, it will be bigger and better. We’ll communicate more details nearer the time.


Date a Millionaire

You know, some old people really have weird superstition. When I was growing up, I had lots of arm hair and an aunt actually told that I was going to marry a rich man when I get older. It was hilarious because I was only fourteen at the time and marriage or meeting Millionaire Singles was the last thing on my mind!

However if it is on your mind then check out Date a Millionaire dot com and make that dream a reality because you not only meet and chat with millionaires there, you get to date one too if one fancied you!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Does This Mean??

I was dropping as usual today and on my rounds at one blog I got this message on the widget.

This is the not the first time I encountered such a message but I've always thought it was a glitch on Entrecard's part. Then it occurred to me that this blog could have been deleted from the system due to EC's recent update in their rules and regulation.

Anyone else encountered this problem and anyone know for sure what's causing it?


Friday, September 19, 2008

See How Your Sites Fare

I love to see how my blogs are performing, in terms of stats and performance. That is why I love this site called Talk Reviews. From this site you can see the stats of all sites in the world. All you need to do is just enter the site's url, wait a while and the sites descriptions and stats would be in front of you. User Website Reviews can also be given by visitors to their favorite or least favorite site.

Check it out and why not leave my site a comment while you're at it. kenyit


Thursday, September 18, 2008

The EntreCard Blog Quality Standards

Entrecard program has recently came up with it's own blog quality standards. In order not be deleted from this very effective program, please make sure you adhere to it. Here they are:

  1. No nudity: Entrecard, and its members blogs, are generally family friendly. Blogs with images containing nudity are not permitted. This includes nudity in advertisements.
  2. English only: Until we develop the infrastructure necessary to facilitate non-English language blogs, English is the only language allowed in Entrecard.
  3. Minimum 5 posts: Blogs with no posts, or less than 5 posts, will be removed.
  4. Content must be original: Unoriginal content provides no value to the reader. A site that consists only of posts from “free article” sites, copies of articles from news sites, stolen or scraped content is not allowed.
  5. No full-screen ads: Blogs that include a “Skip This Ad” popup or other full-screen ads will be removed.
  6. No illegal file downloads: Blogs that link to illegally shared files, such as music, movies or software, will be removed. By “illegal” we mean content that you do not have the right to distribute. Linking to free, legal music and software is permitted.
  7. Entrecard widget must be present: Including the widget on your site is a requirement if you wish to participate in Entrecard. Note: Please see Note 1 regarding WordPress.com.
  8. No redirects: Sites that use a redirect (such as tinyurl links) as the URL on their account will be deleted.
  9. No duplicate accounts: If you have more than one account for the same blog, the duplicate account will be deleted.
  10. URLs must be valid: Sites with URLs that do not work or are wrongly typed will be deleted.
  11. No autoplaying audio: This includes music that plays automatically when you visit the page, or short audio ads that come up unannounced.
  12. Content must be recent: Sites that have not been updated in six months will be removed.

Additional rules

Sites that violate the above guidelines are fairly easy to spot. There are some additional requirements, many of which are subjective.

A1. Sites that are not blogs, e.g. indexes, directories, forums, or stores. Note: In some cases a site may be allowed if it is not a blog. The site must have a blog attached to it that meets the rest of our Blog Quality Standards, and the Entrecard account must link to the blog rather than the site itself.

A2. Sites that only consist of paid posts, product review, affiliate links, or general spam. Basically, sites that only exist to make money without providing any useful content. Note: This does not mean that Make Money Online blogs are not allowed. It just means that the blog must have some valuable content and not be entirely made up of paid posts.

What to do if your blog is deleted?

You will receive an email confirming the deletion along with a reason. If you can update your site so it meets our quality standards, please contact support at entrecard dot com. We will not reopen accounts until they meet all of the above quality standards.

Hope that helps people.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Make Latina Friends

I love making new friends from all over the world. And I love the fact the internet makes us all citizens of one country. Borderless. I've made friends of all nationality, of all colors and of all races just by surfing the net. So can you, there are many social networking and chat sites available nowadays that you can even meet that special someone..perhaps even meet up with some Latina Singles, if that is what you fancy.

Explore the world by just being online and don't forget, make money while you're at it ;)


My Money Personality

I was over at Blogthings today and decided to just look around for a quiz on money. Since this is a make money blog, what better quiz would be better to see what my money personality was. I did the test twice, as usual, just to be sure you know and boy, am I glad to know what I have a healthy relationship with money... lolzz

Your Money Personality is Healthy

You have a good relationship with money.

You don't spend wildly, but you're not opposed to treating yourself on occasion.

In general, you save some of what you earn.

You know the importance of a nest egg.

You aren't afraid of being financially literate - you embrace learning more about finances.

From a retirement plan to having an emergency fund, you know what you need to have to be safe.

Take the quiz and find out what your's money personality ok ;)


Phone Number Lookup

We have this friend who had to switch off his main phone because he's having some payment problems with his bank. This has cause him to miss other phone calls as well and unfortunately we do no have any Phone Number Lookup services here like the one they have over in the States. This service would be so handy for him as it would enable him to find out who actually called and whether he should return those calls.

I guess for now, he has to miss out on ALL calls till he settle his business with the bank.

Oh well...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where's Your EC Widget??!!

I am an avid fan of EntreCard because not only does it gives me excellent traffic but also because I've met up some fantastic bloggers along the way. I try as much as possible to do my 300 drops daily for two of the blogs. However, and this is a major grievance for me, is that when I reciprocate drops to some blogs, the EC widget is no where in sight! Normally I would refresh a second time to see if it is just a glitch but after a third refresh, and still no widget, I can pretty much deduce that there is not widget installed.

I don't get at all.. why join a program if you are not going to fully utilize its features.. the whole idea of dropping my card is defeated when I don't see your EC widget at your site..

Am I not seeing the full picture here?... Someone enlighten me please!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keep Your Money Save!

If you are earning well.. either offline or online, it is important to keep your money save and sound from money grabbing people like ex-girlfriends and especially ex-spouse. Make sure your divorces are recorded and the records easily accessible. One online site that you can check your US divorce status would be like the Texas Divorce Records listing. You can also check based on city, county and even zip code.

So keep your money save today.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Must Have Done Something Right!

I love keeping track of my blogs ranking. It is important to me because blogging is my business but everything I learnt have been from reading other blogs and through trial and error so it is with some pride that I say some of my blogs comes up on first pages of certain keywords and by that I don't just mean "LadyJava".. heheh

My friend Debbie of Phat Ramblings did a yahoo search yesterday for the term "top commenter widget" and check out who's at number three on the first page right under BloggerBuster!!

Awesome right!!

Thanks Debbs for capturing this screenshot. I must have done something right somewhere. ..lolzz!!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Payout from Freebies4Masters

I've joined Freebies4webmasters as a test run one month ago. I was not extremely confident about the site seeing how there isn't even a logout button... but I thought "hey passive income - why not?". I registered and within 24hours, my site was approved. As part of the TOS, the program chose three spots to display their 468x68 banner. You can see them here, here and here in action. Now one month later...

I received my payout for my one referral (an avid make money online "student" - thank you dearie and yes it paid off )

and today I got my signup bonus!

I'm not sure if there is another payout for the actual display of the banner this month or it only starts next month.. but I will keep you updated...:)

The next move is up to you.... join me?


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Payout from Paid-To-Promote

Another payout proof from Paid-To-Promote for you money seekers. The easiest online program I've found so far. Just place a banner at the bottom of your page and earn for each impression. For more details, please check out my blog entry on the program here.


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