Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paid to Promote Banners

I had my qualm about this program but I decided to try it anyway six days ago. After all I can always remove it later if it is a non-paying program. But guess what? They paid me today. The program is called Paid-to-promote. The concept is so simple. Payout is USD1 via PayPal or E-Gold on the 15th and 30th of the month automatically.

  1. Register at Paid-To-Promote
  2. Grab the code in the first box
  3. If you are using the blogger platform like me, do not place the code where they say, instead take it as a page element. Choose the html option. Save it and reposition the element to the bottom of the page.
  4. Place it on ALL your blogs or sites that you own
  5. That's it!
Now daily, if you like that is, just check your balance and see it accumulates. Now you won't be making thousands of dollars with this program but it's nice earning for something so simple and effortless.

Get paid To Promote at any Location

Also please bear in mind that :
We only credited traffic from United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia that stays for more than 5 seconds
However, I reckon if you are on Entrecard, this should not be a problem. To get an idea, I am earning around $0.05 a day...like I said before, it's not gonna make you rich but it's a paying program.

Over to you!

Please click on image to enlarge

Oh by they, I only made $0.28 but they still paid me today! Sweet!



  1. I joined this program two months ago and I never put it on my blog.. Thanks for reminding me..

  2. Hi Arthur.. better late than never eh.. good luck!

  3. "Your site is very informative n helpful .. thanks…..keep it up" .IndiaSurfer is social news submiting site.submit your posts get more traffic to your site.vote for best stories.

  4. Hi R.. thanks for the heads up.. I'll check it out :)

  5. Hi came to know about your site through entrecard.

    I have joined paid-to-promote.net through your link. Lets see how it works for me.

    Anyway can you tell me how many traffic gives how much money.

    gedet basumatary

  6. Hi Ged...
    I really can't tell you how much they pay for traffic but what I do know is that they have paid me numerous times..

    Good luck and thanks for joining through my link :)

  7. I joined you few month ago and I forgot about it. Today I put its banner in my blog :)

  8. I joined you few month ago and I forgot about it. Today I put its banner in my blog :)

  9. I joined you few month ago and I forgot about it. I just put its banner in my blog :)

  10. I have a doubt regarding this site. i joined this site 4 days back and placed te code on my site. One of my readers said that my site is being redirected to ad pages each time she tried to load it. Does it happen? Does it hijack the blog? Did you hear anything from your readers? Waiting for your reply.. Thank you..

    Take care :)

  11. hiya Flo
    Sad to say.. it does redirect certain users to another site.. so I have removed mine :(

  12. Oh thank you for the reply LadyJava.. :) I am new to making money online and finding it fascinating.. This one was promising and would have reached the minimum in 2 more days but then it has to go i guess.. My blog readers are more important to me.. I am going through your blog and enjoying it :) . Will it be ok if I ask you the doubts as and when I get them?

  13. You're welcome Flo :)
    oh welcome to the world of making money online :)
    Yes. pls dont hesitate to ask me any question
    Good luck! :-$ :-$


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