Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Must Have Done Something Right!

I love keeping track of my blogs ranking. It is important to me because blogging is my business but everything I learnt have been from reading other blogs and through trial and error so it is with some pride that I say some of my blogs comes up on first pages of certain keywords and by that I don't just mean "LadyJava".. heheh

My friend Debbie of Phat Ramblings did a yahoo search yesterday for the term "top commenter widget" and check out who's at number three on the first page right under BloggerBuster!!

Awesome right!!

Thanks Debbs for capturing this screenshot. I must have done something right somewhere. ..lolzz!!



  1. Hi LJ! You're most welcome! I was excited and surprised when I saw your LJL at the top 3! Congrats! I guess it's important that we use popular keywords in our blog post title. :) Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank Debbie for taking a "shot" of it.. Yihaa for good SEO work....lolz!!


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