Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Payment Processing by Matched

Woottt... I just got this email today from Matched..

Dear Ladyjava,

Congratulations, your payment from matched.co.uk is being processed!
You should receive £19.00 within the next 7 working days.
If you do not receive your payment please contact admin@matched.co.uk


I will post the payout once I get it ok :) In the meantime.. make money from your sidebar!



  1. Hi LJ, I signed up oredi. Now hat? Just wait is it? Also, I added only one pg, whichis my main page. Can add up to 5 pages right? What does that mean, as in what url should I use? Thanks sweetie! :)

  2. Yeah!!!! you signed up!!

    Now you just wait to see if you get ads assigned to your blog.. For us hosting on blogspot, you can use the main page but you can add your MPG as well...

    Make sure you choose insurance as category dearie.. more ads!!


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