Sunday, July 27, 2008

Name Cards for Me?

You know that I have so many blogs to my name that I am actually thinking of putting it all on a name card. I figured it would be so much easier to just give my name card away then to give each and every person I meet my blog's url! Besides I think it is a great business strategy, don't you think so? Also to give each of my blog's url would generally make people think I'm crazy! Like, why on earth do I need six blogs right? Do I have so many things going on in my life? Lolz!!

Anyway, I was looking out for someplace nice to get the card printed out when I remembered VistaPrint Free Everything Special Sale going on over there. I saw this offer a few times on my surfing rounds but thought nothing of it until today.

Basically VistaPrint is offering everything that they have available for free to members and there's even gifts with every order. All you need do pay is shipping and even that I consider meager because I'm telling you, for the selection they have, it's all worth it!

So can I send you one of my names card when it's ready? Lolz!


Sponsored by VistaPrint

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