Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Place Ads On Your Sidebar and Earn

I just found one more avenue for your blog to earn you money. Just get your blog(s) matched up with the hundreds of ads available by this program aptly called Matched.

Once registered, the program would attempt to match you with their pool of advertiser. You are paid 3 pounds (around RM19) monthly once the ad is live at your blog for one month. They pay on the 15th of the month via paypal.

I've just registered with them on Friday and already have a match for my woman blog. Check out the insurance ad on my side bar there. You can add a maximum of 5 blogs with them!

I've not been paid yet but if you want to join me and get 5pounds on signup.. this is the link.



  1. Hola Lady Java,

    Thanks for the comments and head-up. Really appreciate it.

    Yeah, I've heard about LinkWorth. In fact there are several links from them and TLA on one of my blogs.

    Fyi, I've not earned a single cent from Kontera and I'm giving them another month before I take them out.

    Good luck to you too.

    Greetings and lots of love from Kuale Kangsor. :)

  2. Hi Arahman :)

    No problems on the headup. I hope you find more ways to earn online and if you do know of any that I don't know of would love to hear of it :)

    Yeah.. have not been paid by Kontera either but Linkworth have been very productive for me.

    Take care and I will dropping by again soon :)

  3. Hi.. I just wanted to ask how many days did it take to match an ad for your site? I joined few weeks back.. but have not got any ads yet.. do you know what may be the reason? Thank you..

  4. Hi Xenalto
    It took them around a day to approve my blogs and another day to match. I used "insurance" and "money" as my website type simply because I believed it is easier to get matched that way and I don't mind these ads despite the fact that my blogs are not primarily those categories..

    Perhaps you can try another category for your blogs? Other than that.. I really don't know why you were not matched.

    Thanks for coming by and I hope my answers helped you :)

  5. Hi LadyJava...

    Thank you for the reply.. I tried changing the categories too.. No response.. Just checked their support forum.. apparently they have too many sites to review.. So most of them are pending approval.. They say that we have to wait patiently for their work to get over.Anyway I will wait and see what happens..

    Thank you for your help and also for visiting my blog..Have a nice day..

  6. Hi again Xenalto

    Yeah I guess they have lots of sites to view but hopefully they get to your site soon ya :)

    Thanks for dropping by and I hope this blog have given you more ideas on how to earn online. Also do check out more lens for a the ones I highly recommend :)

    Have a a great weekend :)

  7. Hi LJ, one nice surprise to know this blog is yours. I know you have a lot of them. Great! I'll tell Mama to come here often coz she needs to make money online to be a full time Mom to me. Congrats on your first payment, that looks attractive especially because it's in GBP. Do you think Mama can join living in the US?

  8. Hi Sushi
    Nice to see you hear.. Meoww!!... Of course your mommy can join... my tip is to use popular category.. my pet blog was declined as I put "pets" as category and I don't think too many pets ads are around..

    Hope to see you stopping by again ya :)


  9. Wah LJ jadi mentor MMO kat sini ye? Checking out the program now dearie, hope to get for MPG too! :)

  10. heheh.. bukan mentor.. sekadar sharing experience mah...scam, paying program.. I want pple to know what I've gone through.. eh Debbie started her own money blog as well!!

  11. heheh.. bukan mentor.. sekadar sharing experience mah...scam, paying program.. I want pple to know what I've gone through.. eh Debbie started her own money blog as well!!


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