Friday, May 16, 2008

The Year's Review

I've been making money online now for close to one year. It started with HYIP.... then that faded after I came across and was scammed by a few sites :(

I then ventured into get-paid-to (GPT) programs. It ranged from paid-to-click (PTC), paid-to-read (PTR), paid-to-signup (PTS) and lastly but definitely not least, Paid-to-blog (PTB).

So here, I decided to list down the programs that I have found beneficial to me in my make money online quest and hope it will benefit you as well :)


This program started out strong at USD0.01 per click but after some revamp in the rules, some clicks remain at USD0.01 while most have gone down to USD0.003. It pays via paypal and payout is at USD10.

This program is still going strong with each click earning you USD0.003. There's always plenty of clicks daily. Payout is at USD3 via paypal

Now comes my favourite part of making money online... BLOGGING!!!!

There are so many programs out there that pay you to blog and as long as you are creative in the way your present those post, I don't believe your readers would mind.

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

All these programs pay via paypal and need your blog to be at least 3mths old except for PayPerPost that only require your blog to be a month old with at least 10 posts!

And the most easiest way I find to make money recently is by doing survey. I already got paid. Please check out my other blog for details ,

Good luck and please contact me should you need any other assistance :)


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  1. Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.


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