Sunday, May 18, 2008

Web Hosting Anyone?

This is the only one issue that I am still torn about. One one part, I really love blogspot, on the other I would like to learn new stuff and get my hands on wordpress and all it's fantastic templates and plugin. So you can see why this hosting issue is still in the pipeline and still very interesting to me.

I've been researching web hosting for the longest time, reading other blogs on issues that they might have with their own hosting company. I've also been looking at loading time of blogs that I know do not host on blogspot etc etc. Reliability of hosting companies also plays a very important aspect. Some hosting companies can promise you the sun and moon before you sign up with them but after they get your money, they always find reasons to get you to upgrade to a more expensive package. And of course if you are like me, you must also take into consideration of a multiple domain web hosting services as well.

I found a website recently that answers all my hosting question and you might want to look into it as well if this is something you are considering. From common FAQ to articles on how reliable cheap hosting are, this site has it all. So check it out ok :)


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  1. Ive read this topic for some blogs. But I think this is more informative.


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