Friday, May 30, 2008

No Ching Ching This Week?

In another two days time, I'm going to be in Singapore and I know for sure I will gain a few pounds, what with all the good food prepared by mommy dearest though sinfully rich in cholesterol and fat will for sure be delicious. Who can resist and say no, especially if it like once in three months right?

So again, I'm motivated to lose some extra pounds before my trip though I really don't know where to start. I heard though rebounders are the best way to exercise. What are rebounders?

Rebounders are similar to trampoline, just like this picture here. I actually research the term and found the Cellercise with the Dave Hall Rebounder website. It does look like fun like doesn't it. Jumping around on it like that. One thing that really attracted me from the website is that with Cellercise, I can melt fat and cellulite because it is the best form of aerobic activity around. The site also mentioned that this form of exercise actually burns more calories per hour than than any regular jogging or running without any hard impart on your joints!

So, definitely worth a try right?. The problem is my mind is 100% willing to give anything a go, now if only my body feels the same way ;)..

Oh well.. as long as there's ching ching to bank I'm happy :)


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