Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Does Bux.to Pay?

I have mixed feelings about this program. Some members seemed to have been paid while others have not. I've reach payout on March 11th and till now still no payment and the system said my payment request is being audited. Ok.. how long does this this process take? I have since stopped clicking.

So anyone has any comments on this?? Anyone been paid recently or should I just close the chapter on this program??



  1. Hello,

    I've requested my payment on 27 May, and till this moment my payment is in "auditing"! Can you tell me what happened with you? Did they pay you? If so within how many days they agreed you payment? and when you have received the money?


  2. Hi there..

    My payout is still pending too.. I read the TOS and its says that payout for free members would only be dispersed after 60 days.. so I got to check again when I requested for payout.. I will definitely post and entry on whether I get payout or not :)

  3. Thanks alot, one more thing, is your status still "Pending Audit" or "Payment Sent". Kindly can you check this, I need to know.

    Thanks for such nice blog idea.

  4. Hiya..
    I've just checked and it is still under pending audit.. hmm i hope to say it is NOT a scam but the situation is not looking good for you and me.. I hope you did not upgrade or anything..

  5. Well, actually O bought 15 referals which cost me around 17$!!!! I hope it's not a scam :S


  6. oh well.. then for your sake, I hope this is not a scam..

    Good luck and let me know when you get paid.. btw when did you request for payout??

  7. I requested my payment on 27 May, I need to wait around 70 days before I know if it's a scam or not.

    By the way, do you know anything about mysearchfunds? I'm reading posts about it the majority say that its not a scam (hope its not), here's the link if you want to try:


    Please let me know when you get paid.

    Again this is an amazing blog.


  8. I think if you upgraded, you only need to wait like 30days for your payment, so keep a lookout for it and let me know if you get paid ok :)

    I'll check out the program you suggested. Never heard of it though..

    Thank you for your support of this blog.. see you around again.. in the meantime do check out my lens for more making money ideas online..

    Good luck and have a great weekend!


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