Saturday, April 26, 2008

DNeero Surveys Pays

I'm always skeptical when a program offers to pay you so much for so little work. I guess it's because I've been scammed so many times before by online programs that I've grown more wary and very selective of the programs I joined now.

Nonetheless I did give DNeeero Surveys a try and boy was I glad I did coz I get paid just by doing some simple surveys and posting the survey code at my blog. Two ways in which I get paid is by completing the survey itself and from impression generated when the survey is posted at my site as a blog entry. Simple?? You bet!! Do they pay?? You bet your horses, they do!! If you want to see the survey in action, please check it out at my woman blog here. Register here at the start earning!

You can check out the payout proof over here. Automatic payout daily once you reached $20 via paypal. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain :)



Thank you for your comments and enjoy your stay :-)

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