Saturday, April 26, 2008

DNeero Surveys Pays

I'm always skeptical when a program offers to pay you so much for so little work. I guess it's because I've been scammed so many times before by online programs that I've grown more wary and very selective of the programs I joined now.

Nonetheless I did give DNeeero Surveys a try and boy was I glad I did coz I get paid just by doing some simple surveys and posting the survey code at my blog. Two ways in which I get paid is by completing the survey itself and from impression generated when the survey is posted at my site as a blog entry. Simple?? You bet!! Do they pay?? You bet your horses, they do!! If you want to see the survey in action, please check it out at my woman blog here. Register here at the start earning!

You can check out the payout proof over here. Automatic payout daily once you reached $20 via paypal. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain :)


A New Earning Opportunity??

I have been tweaking my blog templates so much that I must say I've gotten quite good at the html coding. Hmm.. perhaps I should start my own business of making my own blogspot template for sale or offer my services for template tweaking.

Any takers?? siul


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here Comes the Sparks

I was excited when I received an invitation in my email to another paid to blog program by IZEA. The program is called SocialSpark and it was still in the alpha stage when I joined about a few weeks ago.

Now, the program has launched and it is opened for anyone to join. Another pay to blog program? I say, bring it on!!! The difference between this program and PPP, also another program by IZEA, is that just like its name, this is a place to socialise with other bloggers, so you not only make extra money while blogging, you also get to know other bloggers and interact through your own page like mine below and the messaging center.

Another new feature in SocialSpark is blog sponsorship. In other words, if your request is approved, an ad will appear just before your blog loads for your readers. It is very fast, non-intrusive and only appear once daily for the same reader. After which, you'll just see a bar at the bottom of the page. Like I say, none intrusive at all and none of my readers have complained to far :) . You get paid the daily rate for as long as the ad runs.

You know how sometimes you run out of ideas to write? Well this is one more thing I like about SocialSpark. The program has what they simply call "Sparks". These are non-paying opportunities by fellow bloggers and advertisers that you can write about in your blog. It can also serves as an interim post, if you know what I mean ;).

Oh SocialSpark also has:
  • 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
  • 100% Transparency
  • 100% Real Opinions
  • 100% Search Engine Friendly

So what are you waiting for? Join SocialSpark and add more spark to your life and your paypal account :)


Sponsored by SocialSpark

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Surf Junky is a Scam!

Someone I knew send me a link to join surfjunky tonight. I must admit it was pretty enticing. Imagine, I surf like 24/7 and if I get paid for it.. why not right?

However, before signing up, I sort of researched the program and look what I've found...

Oh well, it's just not meant to be...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bux.to Update

Just to update you guys. I've decided to write to the program's admin people and after writing a lengthly email and before the email got sent, there is this screen that showed the programs FAQ which basically said that from January 2008, their TOS have changed and that:

Standard members will be paid in 60 business days and premium members will be paid in 30 business days. Business days do not include holidays and weekends.

Wow! 60 days for payout! That is ridiculous I think! That's it, I'm stopping my clicks and will wait IF in fact they DO pay by that date. The countdown has begin...


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Want Smilies on your blogspot blog??

Well now you can. Thanks to a firefox plugin call Greasemonkey and a script made available by one genius developer, you have can all this smilies confusedcoolcryeekevilexclaim on your post by just clicking on your compose mode screen. For more details, come visit me at my lounge biggrin


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mommy-Bloggers Can Earn Too!!

I am not a stay at home mommy but due to unforeseen circumstances when I migrated to this country to be with my husband, I am unable to work until I get my Permanent Residence status. At the rate the government bodies here operate, who knows when that would happen.

So I spend my days doing house chores, watching tv and in front of my pc, either checking emails, playing games, blogging and blog-hopping.I found that through my own blog and blog-hopping, I was able to keep in contact with my friends and relatives who themselves keep blogs of their own. In that way, I still feel like I am part of their lives. I also made new friends whom I totally adore.

Yeap I am a paid postie and proud of it.Recently though I found something that made blogging and blog-hopping all the more interesting and fun. I am talking about paid posting. Yeap I am a paid postie and proud of it. It was such a system shock to me before, to suddenly stopped earning when all along I did not have to depend on anyone for money. I am now able to be financially independent again, doing assignments in my own little home office and in my jammies! How cool is that right? I even recently introduce the program to a friend who is a stay-at-home-mom with three kids. She was already writing in her blogs, so why not write about things she loves and make a bit of extra income for herself? So mommy-bloggers, you can earn too!

And what could be better than paid posting? A new program in town, that's what! I was just invited yesterday to join a new program by IZEA called SocialSpark. It's sort of like a social networking program like facebook in that you can make friends along the way yet at the same time you can grab opportunities, just like payperpost and make money!

SocialSpark is in alpha stage right now and membership is only on invitation basis. However, do visit the site and sign up for the mailing list so you’ll be one of the first know when it’s going public.

Sponsored by SocialSpark


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Countdown to one month

Ok, the countdown is on for Bux.to for me before I will officially call it a scam. The last time I wrote about my payout request, I still had mixed feelings... now the feelings are pretty clear and it is of frustration:ayokona: .

It will be one month on the 11th since I requested for the payout and if there is still no sign of payment.. well.. what can we say right except let the whole world knows about it via our blogs.

Stay tuned biggrin

Friday, April 4, 2008

Make The Right Choice

We, in Malaysia don't have much choices when it comes to internet provider. It's either provided by the main vendor or a few other competitor companies. Even then, not all areas are being served by the current competitor as they have very limited coverage. Some are even unfortunate enough to not be able to get broadband coverage which means no VOIP and have to rely on only dial up connection. To me, that sucks big time.

So, if you are lucky enough to be able to have lots of choices in this area, make sure you get plenty of information so that you may choose the best plan for you and your family. Sites like GetISP dot info provides you all the necessary information you need to make the informed decision. They not only provide details but also let you compare and contrast all the available services before you make your decision. As most plans come with free software such as virus protection, firewalls and email spam blockers, all you need to consider now is which pricing plans suit you the best.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Does Bux.to Pay?

I have mixed feelings about this program. Some members seemed to have been paid while others have not. I've reach payout on March 11th and till now still no payment and the system said my payment request is being audited. Ok.. how long does this this process take? I have since stopped clicking.

So anyone has any comments on this?? Anyone been paid recently or should I just close the chapter on this program??


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