Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stay out of Debt

Too many people are nowadays getting in debt. Although most do not do it intentionally, they are those that are just too careless with their expenses and fail to realize that their financial situation may just change overnight. Before they know it, they are swimming in debt and close to bankruptcy.

The best way I found to stay out of debt is to avoid using the credit card no matter how tempting it is. Leave it at home or don't even have one. I know of some people that use the credit card to "roll" their money. They usually land in much bigger holes than what they are already in simply because credit card interest does accumulate. I'm no angel and I do use the credit card sometimes but in my case it is more of an easier way to pay and I always make sure I pay all my balance monthly sometimes not even waiting for the statement to arrive..lolzz

However, if you are trapped into a debt situation, use some of the Debt Management Plans that are available easily now like IVA. To find out more details of IVA, please go to their website at cleardebt.co.uk for more details

This program could very well save you from going bankrupt.

Good Luck...

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