Friday, March 28, 2008

Earn Money 3 Ways with Shareapic Program - Updated

Ok.. so here's the update to the program ShareaPic.net. Please don't be confused with the one that has a dot com to it ok...

Anyway, Shareapic no longer lets you earn by google adsense but instead they have opted to go with Bidvertiser instead like what I've mentioned in my previous post. So you are still going to be able to earn two ways from the program. Meaning, you'll earn from clicks on your photos or images and if anyone clicks on your bidvertiser ads, you'll earn from that one too.

The third way is where I am swayed here. I used to promote urlcash as you can see from the previous post but what I've noticed is, even when I specify the links are clean, sometimes adult ads still come on.. and this is an absolute no, no to me. Of course if you don't mind that by all means continue with that program :)

Since then, I have found Ucash.in which is also a program that converts your link to paying ones.

This program also lets you convert multiple links from such programs like shareapic.net so all you need to do is copy the code given at shareapic, click on "multiple links", enter all the codes and make sure you click on "Create Gallery".. and you done!

Enjoy your paying links and have a great week ahead :)


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  1. You're welcome Jean... good luck!!

    Oh let me know if you need any other help ok :)


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