Friday, March 28, 2008

Earn Money 3 Ways with Shareapic Program - Updated

Ok.. so here's the update to the program ShareaPic.net. Please don't be confused with the one that has a dot com to it ok...

Anyway, Shareapic no longer lets you earn by google adsense but instead they have opted to go with Bidvertiser instead like what I've mentioned in my previous post. So you are still going to be able to earn two ways from the program. Meaning, you'll earn from clicks on your photos or images and if anyone clicks on your bidvertiser ads, you'll earn from that one too.

The third way is where I am swayed here. I used to promote urlcash as you can see from the previous post but what I've noticed is, even when I specify the links are clean, sometimes adult ads still come on.. and this is an absolute no, no to me. Of course if you don't mind that by all means continue with that program :)

Since then, I have found Ucash.in which is also a program that converts your link to paying ones.

This program also lets you convert multiple links from such programs like shareapic.net so all you need to do is copy the code given at shareapic, click on "multiple links", enter all the codes and make sure you click on "Create Gallery".. and you done!

Enjoy your paying links and have a great week ahead :)


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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Exhibition made easy

Back in my working days, I remembered having to liaise with exhibition contractors whenever we had participated in trade exhibition or fair. Though the contractors were very professional, I can't help but wonder if I could have had a much better looking booth if I had been able to know what's out there in the market as oppose to just depended on them to tell me.

Well, now I can. There are so many brilliantly designed trade show displays that featured truss and banner stands and the best thing is I can actually see it online instead of having to visualize in my head. Sites like Camelbackdisplay dot com lets me, the client, know what's available out there to be able to let me make an informed decision to further enhance the look of my exhibition area. Everyone knows that design attract crowds.

So now, I know exactly where to go whenever I need an awesome looking booth. Excellent!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Add Bidvertiser Code to Your ShareaPic Account

Anyone following this blog will know that I am an avid fan of Shareapic.net. I mean, I am able to store photos for free, save my hard disk space in the process, share it friends, and earn money at the same time. Why shouldn't I be a fan right (and if you're not, well you should be..lolzz)

Anyway you can't earn adsense with the program anymore now but they've added bidvertiser instead recently. So if you are in the program, make sure you include your bidvertiser code in your profile and if you are not a bidvertiser member, you can easily join here and then add your code at shareapic. Easy??

Bidvertiser minimum payout is $10 via paypal :)


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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bad Credit Resource

Do you know of anyone who has bad credit rating? I do. This person can't apply for any loans including a car loan, credit cards and even a telephone line. Everything becomes difficult for him as he's got to get his wife to do all the registrations in her name. And as his wife is not earning much, he encountered more problems with meeting certain salary requirements etc. Life gets stumped.

Unfortunately in Malaysia, we don't have a great resource site like badcreditoffers dot com that list all the companies that still accept application from members of the public that has bad credit. I mean, who would have thought that there are still companies out there that would offer credit cards and house loans to such individuals. Everyone makes mistakes and deserve a second chance right?

Anyway, if you are one of these individuals, do check out the website. Who knows? You might get that second chance :-)


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Word Count Easy

If you into paid post, you know that word count could be a reason why your post is being rejected. It is one of the criteria that you have to make sure you adhere to. I just found a firefox extension that would make this task so much easier. My Lounge has more details about it.


Stay out of Debt

Too many people are nowadays getting in debt. Although most do not do it intentionally, they are those that are just too careless with their expenses and fail to realize that their financial situation may just change overnight. Before they know it, they are swimming in debt and close to bankruptcy.

The best way I found to stay out of debt is to avoid using the credit card no matter how tempting it is. Leave it at home or don't even have one. I know of some people that use the credit card to "roll" their money. They usually land in much bigger holes than what they are already in simply because credit card interest does accumulate. I'm no angel and I do use the credit card sometimes but in my case it is more of an easier way to pay and I always make sure I pay all my balance monthly sometimes not even waiting for the statement to arrive..lolzz

However, if you are trapped into a debt situation, use some of the Debt Management Plans that are available easily now like IVA. To find out more details of IVA, please go to their website at cleardebt.co.uk for more details

This program could very well save you from going bankrupt.

Good Luck...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Top Commenter Widget For Blogspot

If you have ever wanted to get yourself a Top Commenter Widget for your blogspot hosted blog, do I have the widget for you. Using Yahoo pipes to process the last 500 comments made on your blog, Amanda of Bloggerbuster has created a widget so simple that you would smile just using it. Check out how it works at my Lounge and show some appreciation to your commenters :)


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Prevent PC Overheat

I just came across this cool gadget called Temperature@lert. What basically this gadget do is monitor the temperature of my pc or notebook so that I know when it is time to switch it off unless I want my system to overheat.

My notebook, Miss Fly, is practically running 24/7 so this gadget would really come in handy. It connects via USB so it is really convenient. I love my notebook and I would hate it if only after three shorts months it burned out or something simply because I did not take good care of it.

Anyway, here's the press release on the product so perhaps you like to check out their website to see what this gadget is all about.

Press Release:

SPECpower_ssj2008 is the latest installment of an IT industry benchmark evaluates the power and performance characteristics in larger volume server class computers. It was created out of a need to monitor and regroup energy use from the IT industry and computer manufactures around the world.

SPECpower_ssj2008 does not only measure AC power from the source but it delivers a calibrated matrix for all computer functions including ambient temperature. There are two temperature measuring tools that are compatible with SPECpower_ssj2008 and the only one with support for 64-bit drivers is Temperarture@lert.

With the combination of the SPECpower_ssj2008 and Temperature@lert system administrators can run both temperature and power controls. The SPECpower_ssj2008 measures power for the AC input and combines the implementation to a performance metric. This provides pertinent information about what power considerations are made when considering which data center. Coupled with Temperature@lert, the power and temperature gradient works in symbiotic form to provide the best accuracy available in the IT industry.

We'd like to extend a special thanks to Greg D. and his team at Dell Inc. whose deep knowledge and expertise made this possible.

For more information about SPECpower_ssj2008 visit: http://www.spec.org/power_ssj2008/


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Alert Pay for Singaporean

Good news for Singaporean. According to the website, we can now withdraw to our Singapore bank accounts, just like paypal. I've yet to confirm this, however, as I have no money in AlertPay lol.. The good news though is I will soon have some as I just requested payment to a program that pays out via AlertPay. So I will update you accordingly, ok?


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mortgages Woes

Someone just told me about her real life experience with Mortgages. And let me I tell you it was one scary one.

This person has got one mortgage on her house. She missed out on a few payments now and then but never really made it to bad credit status or anything like that. Now her kids needed money to set up a business and the only asset that is worth anything is her house. So to help her children, she agreed to put up her house for a second mortgage. Not really knowing how much she have repaid or not paid up, they approached another bank that did all the paperwork for the transfers and thought that they would walk away with around RM100,000 in cash. What happened next was a real shocker to all of them.

It seems now, not only are they NOT walking away with the money, their repayment each month is now a whopping $7,000! They initially blamed the lawyers because they thought the lawyers have cheated them by charging a exorbitant lawyers fee but after further clarification from the bank, they understood that whatever they made was paid up to the other bank for default in some of the back payments.

Talk about shocked to the core. So moral of the story here.. get in control of your finances or else you pay the price when you least expect it!



I just realised that as much I love this current template, it does not really works in IE7. You know how the "Categories" sort of retract into a tablike look, well it works perfectly in Firefox but it doest not retract back in IE and there is no way to sort of move it downwards in the arrangement. I have lots of categories so this will not work if it does not retract back into the tabs.

Hmm.. I guess I'm on the lookout for another template soon... heheh.. what fun!...lolzzz


Monday, March 10, 2008

As promised

As promised you can view my payout proof for the creamaid post a few days back here.


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Sunday, March 9, 2008

An Easy $20!

If you are looking to earn $20 easy, just write a blog entry about this topic as soon as possible. Please visit my blog for the direction. Make sure you join the "conversation" from the widget that is available at my LadyJava's Lounge ok.

How it works it:
  1. Read the instruction to be found in the widget
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Copy the code into your blog entry
  4. Write your blog entry in full
  5. Wait for an email that confirmed your submission
  6. Wait for an email that confirmed that your entry has been included into the conversation
  7. Get Paid
Hurry though as spots for the conversation is limited.


PS: I will post payout proof as soon as I receive payment via paypal.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Voting Malaysia

Today is the day millions of Malaysian go out to the polls to elect their new government. Me? I can't vote coz not qualified yet..

So Happy Voting Malaysia. Make it count!


Unique Mailboxes

I was watching Desperate Housewives the other day and I saw one of the characters on the show had this very beautiful mailbox. It's like a house and the roof opens to the mailbox inside. So cool as it really adds character to the front of the house.

As I will be moving soon, I've looking to make the exterior of my house as nice and cozy and the interior so I am looking and I figured the first thing visitors see when they look at your house is the address plaques. I saw some nice ones at a site I stumbled today and feel in love with a few beautiful ones already. So I'm for some online shopping now. Excuse me ok...


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Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm Back.. I'm back...

Woohooo I'm back! After being offline for four days, it sure feels good to be back online again with Miss Fly again, checking emails, checking out my comments on my blogs and just surfing again.

Wohoo feels good to be back!!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Crazy Offline!

I am going crazy just thinking of my blogs while I am in SG now. I have been offline since Monday and it is Thursday now. Can you imagine that? I have been offline for four solid days! Thank god it is for visiting mom otherwise I would be very upset. Plus the fact that I've been busy with activities with mommy dearest helped the cold turkey treatment..lol.

Whatever it is I will be back tomorrow so watch out blogging world.. here I come again...heheheh..

So did you miss me???


Saturday, March 1, 2008

The New Widget

Have you seen the new widget from MyBlogLog? Wow! It is so cool and gorgeous. I love it..

So for you MBL fans, why not get your new widget and replace the old boring old, and while you're there, don't forget to verify your sites as well..ok??

Have a great weekend all!!


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