Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Programs in Marketing Pond

If you are an avid fan of Marketing Pond,like I am, don't forget to sign up for the new programs that they are are promoting.

  1. Sebasbux offers $0.01 for you and your referral clicks. Cashout is at $10 via paypal

  2. Click ads and play flash games and earn while doing it at Adverbux. Payout is by AlertPay and Egold at USD10 and for get paid for your referrals action as set out below:
    • For View Ads, you get 100% of the money your referrals make.
    • For Action Ads, you earn $.02 for each ad your referrals complete.
    • For Offers, you earn 10% for each offer your referrals complete.
For you guys who is not on Marketing Pond, isn't it time you get on the best referral downline builder around and get the best recommendation to earn online? Check it out won't you. You don't have anything to lose and everything to gain :-)


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