Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day Everyone!

Today is 29th February and everyone knows what that means.. a day extra in the year! .. which basically means a day more to love..a day more to have fun and.... a day more to earn!!! ching ching!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Style of Captcha Phrase

Have you noticed that nowadays captcha phrases are getting more challenging. You need to know math, spelling, even general knowledge like how many days are in April? I once got it wrong at our friendly program and I when I re-enter the code, I lost the opps! Uwahaaaaa!!!!!

So, moral of the story, get your calendar and calculator next to you as you are refreshing your page..

Good Luck!!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Don't You Just Love My Template

I am on IT again.

Yeap, I'm on the template lookout again..lolzz. and as you can see, this is my latest find. Isn't it lovely?? It has adsense after every post, it's neat and clean and the one feature I really love is the "categories" that disappear to form a tab after the page has fully loaded. As I understand it, a first in blogger. Yes people, this blog is on its own domain but still on free hosting at blogspot. This template is from wordpress but has been made available to users from blogspot.

Yeap am a bit cheapskate in that department. I figure don't mess with something that works. Right??

My previous template


Friday, February 22, 2008

Can we revert to 3.8 please??

Hahah..I am of course referring to the exchange rate between Malaysian and the US currency. Now that I am earning in US dollars, I really won't mind if the government reverted back to that 3.8 rate..lolzzz...

I just made a withdrawal from my paypal account and guess what! The currency rate at Al-Rajhi bank was only RM3.16 to USD1.00!

Oh well.. better than nothing right?.. But I sure won't mind that 3.8 rate again...lolzzz

Oh by the way..how much are you guys getting to withdraw to Public Bank Debit card? Anyone can tell me??


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nuffnang Server Down For Emergency Maintenance

I received an email yesterday from Nuffnaggs letting members know of the crash of one of their hard disk's server. So don't panic if you do not see any ads these few days ok.... Here's the email from them...

Dear Nuffnangers,

At about 12.00PM today on the 19th of February 2008, the hard disk for one of our servers crashed resulting in server downtime and some loss of data.
The good news is that our team has taken necessary precautions for uncertainties like this and have backed up whatever data we had.
We are in the midst of restoring our servers and getting them up and running again so please bear with us for these few hours where our site will be down.

It's hard to place an exact timeline on when everything will be back to normal again but if everything goes as planned, everything should be up and running by 6.00PM today.

Until then, your blog will load just fine as normal but with all the Nuffnang ad units minimized or hidden.


You Got To Have Lamps!!

One of the things missing from my home office are lamps. For some reason, when I set up the room, I thought I only needed one main light fixture and that is like way up there on the ceiling. So when darkness hits or even why it just raining, the room gets really dark and when I am working or reading, I really need to adjust my sitting so that my reading materials don't fall on any shadows.

This weekend I would probably get hubby to shop with me for some table lamps or desk lamps. I know what kind I want as I stumbled upon this site and gotten a look at some beautiful lamps to consider.

Come on love, I need lamps to write those post for my blogs...lolzz


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Good News for New Bloggers

Remember when your blog had to be 90 days old and you had to have 20 posts to qualify for payperpost dot com. Well, that's a thing of the past. Now your blog need only to be 30 days old with only 10 post which means you can make money the second month you're blogging.

So what are you waiting for. Come on and join me..I know you want to click on that banner. lolzz

Oh there is also a new program out in the big WWW. It's called Buy Blog Reviews. Similar to Sponsored Reviews, you have to bid for your assignments. Check it out and let me know what you think..

Happy Blogging!!...

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Fire!

My blogging was interrupted by a loud knock on my door today. It seems the elevator on the 11th floor of my condo building had caught fire and my neighbour who got to know about it was informing everyone by knocking on our doors. Luckily for me, nothing happened and since my hubby was away, it would have been a real adventure to carry down the six kitties we have at home down the flights of stairs (I live on the 10th floor mind you)

Whew.. disaster averted!


One Blog Too Many

I have so many blogs it is actually scaring me. And guess what?! I just got another domain name as well. I was pacing up and down all last week on whether to get the domain or not and finally I gave in. I bought it. I still don't know what to do with it so right now, it's now parking.

Hmm.. one blog too many you think??...lolzz


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Programs in Marketing Pond

If you are an avid fan of Marketing Pond,like I am, don't forget to sign up for the new programs that they are are promoting.

  1. Sebasbux offers $0.01 for you and your referral clicks. Cashout is at $10 via paypal

  2. Click ads and play flash games and earn while doing it at Adverbux. Payout is by AlertPay and Egold at USD10 and for get paid for your referrals action as set out below:
    • For View Ads, you get 100% of the money your referrals make.
    • For Action Ads, you earn $.02 for each ad your referrals complete.
    • For Offers, you earn 10% for each offer your referrals complete.
For you guys who is not on Marketing Pond, isn't it time you get on the best referral downline builder around and get the best recommendation to earn online? Check it out won't you. You don't have anything to lose and everything to gain :-)


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No Adsense

I just realised this template is not really adsense friendly. There's supposed to be adsense between each post and I just noticed there's none. The adsense that is see currently is from my RSS feedburner code.. hmm looks like i'm on the lookout for a new template once again. Fun!!!!


Rooster in Rat Year

According to the Chinese horoscope, a Rooster, me, in the Rat year, which is this year is the time to save and not splurge. I wonder if that means I'm in for some financial difficulties. Hmm lucky I'm not superstitious otherwise, I'll be really upset at this news.. Oh well, in one ear, out the other!


Time for a Holiday!

Last year was a fantastic year. I started blogging for fun, make friends and to my surprise, made money as well! It is the most awesome way to earn I tell you. I blogged from home in my jammies anytime I feel like it. No transport problem, no crowds and best of all, no boss! I blog when I want and where I want! Kewl!

Anyway, I guess I need to do something with all these cash. I bought me a laptop early next month. I blogged it at my other blog. And now I figured it would be nice to bring hubby for a short break especially after this big project that he's working on. So I'm doing some research now as to where to go and what kind of expenses will be incurred.

I chanced upon this website that offered great accommodation at economical prices. I've always fancied going to the romantic Spain, I let my fingers do the walking and I found some great deals at Costa Brava Hotels, Costa Del Sol Hotels, Benidorm Hotels, Alicante Hotels and Barcelona Las Ramblas Hotels.

So now all I have to do find some economical flights, put all these information together and present to it to hubby and see what he says. Wish me luck!


Make Money with Surveys


Friday, February 1, 2008

A New Pay Per Click Search Engine

I just sign up to a new program that let's me earn everytime a visitor searches from my site using my special link. GeoPpc affiliates receive 70% of what advertisers pay GeoPpc per each click. And you are paid 5% of all earnings from accounts that are referred by you and are subsequently accepted into our affiliate network.

All you need to do after signing up and your account being approved, is just placed the search bar and earn! This is a relatively new program so now is the time to strike when the iron is still hot! So join me won't you :)


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