Friday, January 11, 2008

Advertlets Apologise

Just a quick update on Advertlet. I got an email today, as other members I'm sure. I'll just put it here real quick for others as reference.

Hi Advertlets Members,

Some of you may have noted this over the past few days, but we wanted to make sure before notifying our members. We'll like to officially announce that we are fully back online now as DNS servers internationally have now resolved. Hence, all issues regarding the code have been resolved and you can reinstate your Advertlets Ad units.

However, if you have problems accessing your account, please contact info@advertlets.com. We noted that some members have misspelled e-mails (eg, gmial.com), so please ensure that your e-mail address is entered correctly for us to validate your account and contact you if needed.

We understand that the recent service downtime caused much inconvenience, and we aim to make up for it. As our Singaporean members might have noticed today in The New Paper, we have announced our compensation plan. As compensation for the recent downtime, you will earn an additional 10-20% extra on top of all legit earnings the month of January. The amount will be calculated at the end of January, and credited within the first week of February.

The ratio of the percentage increase will be based on the duration of time you have been with Advertlets. Members who have been with Advertlets longer, will receive a higher ratio. We hope that this is a suitable compensation for the downtime period faced, and hope you can accept this as a sign of our commitment to not repeat mistakes, and to continue to deliver better service in future.

Hence, we advise you to reinstall your ad code formats as before to maximize your earnings from Advertlets. Just as a general guide, the maximum number of ads you can place per page is 4. Here are notes on our ad formats, to help you optimize your placements. They are arranged in the order of which will bring you the best results when placed on your blog, most optimal ad formats first.

-165x240 (Sidebar ad, to be placed high up enough the page to be visible without scrolling)
-336x280 (Best between blog posts, or after posts in the comments section)
-468x60 (To be placed on top of the page, good for those with international traffic)
-180x150 (To be placed inside posts, sidebar, etc)

In addition, we will have more campaigns in the next few days to blogs, as well as a new premium ad format (720x90) that will deliver better earnings through its prominence and placing. The new ad format will be part of Advertlets 2.0. Please contact us if you would like to test out the new ad formats together with more exciting features such as earning graphs, trend monitoring, social features and more.

Thank you. We look forward to delivering you a better blog advertising experience. Please contact info@advertlets.com or myself at josh.lim@advertlets.com if you have any questions in future.

Josh Lim

Ok, so make sure you get your ads up again as soon as possible ya :-)


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