Monday, January 28, 2008

What Happened to Adsense Referral Code?

I was looking through my Adsense account today intending to put the referral badge at my blog when I realized the only Google Referral options that were available were only the "Adwords" and the "Download the Google Toolbar with Firefox" codes or something like that.

Is there no more referral bonus for referring people to Adsense? Did I miss out on a newsletter or something?

Someone please let me know!!! Thanks in advance :-)


Friday, January 25, 2008

Ching Ching!

Wohoooooo.... This month I made close to USD450 from my online earning. I am soooo happy. That is the highest so far. It might not be much for a lot of people who probably earned that much in one day but hey, I am mighty proud of it coz it is USD450 I did not have before and multiply that by 3.2, which is the current exchange rate Al-Rajhi bank is offering, that's like, RM1,440.00!

Ah... the sound of ching ching! Don't you just love it!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guide to Webhosting

Although I have a few domain for my blogs I have yet to move to my own hosting. The reason? Phobia. I am so used to blogger and it's way, that as much as I love to move on to wordpress, I am worried that it might just not be as user friendly as blogspot. Besides there are so many web hosting choice that I am still looking at a few to even shortlist.

Luckily I found this handy website called webhostingchoice dot com that gives plenty of suggestion that fit my budget and my requirement. The site also has a learning area where basic web hosting is explain, you know like what is linux server, what is bandwidth, so on and so forth. I hightly recommend this site if you are looking to host your own blog. Check it out won't you!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My New Template

For my regular readers, you might already have noticed my new template. I had this template before which I feel was really cluttered so I decided on this "easy-on-eye" template for this blog. I mean if I feel it was cluttered, I'm sure you thought it was too right?..lolzzz

Anyway, I hope you like this new look but don't be surprised if you see another one the next time you visit. I'm fickle that day!


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Something New This Year

I honestly have lots of paid to clicks programs already up my sleeves and since I am earning more easily from blogging, I have stopped joining new programs. In fact, I have even terminated my membership from some of the low paying sites as well. That being said, I just joined another program today. This one is called Paidbux and it pays $0.01 per click. Referrals compensation works the same as Adbux. The only difference is, payout is at $1.00 only by Paypal. I've joined yesterday and already earned $0.40 already

Meager you might say.. but hey..it's still money!

Join me??


Living with Bad Credit

Everyday as I read the morning papers, I would always scan through the tenders section of the classified for hubby. And everyday I would unconsciously scan through the notice section that showed individuals being made bankrupt by banks and financial institutions due to unpaid debt either through credit cards or housing loans. I always wondered how this people are going to survive with a bad credit hanging over their lives.

Then I stumbled upon this site that actually give listings of companies that offer individuals in the United States that have bad credits with bad credit loans and even offering of credit cards! How cool is that? I wonder if there is such an offering here in Malaysia. If there is one, I've never heard of it. Anyway, if you are in the States and happened to be with bad credit, do check out this site. It might just help you in some ways :)


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Creamaid Does Pay

I have always be paid by Creamaid so when Leslie Ann pointed out to me that she has not been paid by the program although her entries were accepted into the conversation, I must admit I was a bit disturbed. However, I would just like to point out here that I was paid immediately upon acceptance of this entry into the conversation and I have posted a payout proof here.

I truly believe there might be some misunderstanding with the program and I hope Leslie that you solved it soon with the program.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Join This Survey and Earn

Friday, January 11, 2008

Advertlets Apologise

Just a quick update on Advertlet. I got an email today, as other members I'm sure. I'll just put it here real quick for others as reference.

Hi Advertlets Members,

Some of you may have noted this over the past few days, but we wanted to make sure before notifying our members. We'll like to officially announce that we are fully back online now as DNS servers internationally have now resolved. Hence, all issues regarding the code have been resolved and you can reinstate your Advertlets Ad units.

However, if you have problems accessing your account, please contact info@advertlets.com. We noted that some members have misspelled e-mails (eg, gmial.com), so please ensure that your e-mail address is entered correctly for us to validate your account and contact you if needed.

We understand that the recent service downtime caused much inconvenience, and we aim to make up for it. As our Singaporean members might have noticed today in The New Paper, we have announced our compensation plan. As compensation for the recent downtime, you will earn an additional 10-20% extra on top of all legit earnings the month of January. The amount will be calculated at the end of January, and credited within the first week of February.

The ratio of the percentage increase will be based on the duration of time you have been with Advertlets. Members who have been with Advertlets longer, will receive a higher ratio. We hope that this is a suitable compensation for the downtime period faced, and hope you can accept this as a sign of our commitment to not repeat mistakes, and to continue to deliver better service in future.

Hence, we advise you to reinstall your ad code formats as before to maximize your earnings from Advertlets. Just as a general guide, the maximum number of ads you can place per page is 4. Here are notes on our ad formats, to help you optimize your placements. They are arranged in the order of which will bring you the best results when placed on your blog, most optimal ad formats first.

-165x240 (Sidebar ad, to be placed high up enough the page to be visible without scrolling)
-336x280 (Best between blog posts, or after posts in the comments section)
-468x60 (To be placed on top of the page, good for those with international traffic)
-180x150 (To be placed inside posts, sidebar, etc)

In addition, we will have more campaigns in the next few days to blogs, as well as a new premium ad format (720x90) that will deliver better earnings through its prominence and placing. The new ad format will be part of Advertlets 2.0. Please contact us if you would like to test out the new ad formats together with more exciting features such as earning graphs, trend monitoring, social features and more.

Thank you. We look forward to delivering you a better blog advertising experience. Please contact info@advertlets.com or myself at josh.lim@advertlets.com if you have any questions in future.

Josh Lim

Ok, so make sure you get your ads up again as soon as possible ya :-)


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Problems with Advertlets

I was at my inlaws recuperating from my surgery when I had a chance to check on my blog. I typed in the url and I was redirected to an Advertlets page and after checking my other four blogs and finding the same results. I knew something was wrong.

I then checked my mail and found an email from my good blog buddy GP who has so kindly informed me that she was having the same problem and that we should remove our Advertlets codes in order to rectify the problems. I did just that! For all my blogs. Thanks GP for letting me know otherwise I will certainly go bonkers thinking about it.

Anyway, I then received an email from the program explaining what was wrong and ways to rectify the problems as stated below:


This is Josh Lim here from Advertlets. This message is sent out to all bloggers that have registered with Advertlets in our key markets of Malaysia & Singapore.

Firstly, we admit. We made an error in judgment, and we did not intend for this to happen. And we are very sorry that it did, and would like to apologize for everyone affected.

Some small mistakes are resolved easily, and affect a few. And some mistakes, however small, can affect millions.

Most of you are probably disappointed, confused or angry at the recent downtime that has happened, that has cut off access to your blogs. Over the past few days, we have been doing everything we can to restore service, as well as answering e-mails, phone calls, smses, media interviews, and support requests.

Its hard to apologize to more than 15,000 members, and this e-mail was hard to type, but undoubtedly necessary. And first, I'll probably be best to start by answering questions you might have:

What happened?
A complication in the renewal process caused the Advertlets.com domain to expire, and caused issues for bloggers with our ads installed, which made their blogs redirect to a placeholder page. It was not our intent to do so. Advertlets.com blog users were unable to login to their Advertlets accounts and access the website as well.

How many did it affect?
According to our statistics, it affected 30-65% of traffic to our network over the past 2 days. On most days, we experience between 3-4 million ad impressions per day. The viewers of most blogs were affected in some way, depending on the nature of how DNS settings would resolve in different countries and ISPs. Some would resolve faster, some would not, which caused varying experiences for viewers in different places.

What can I do to resolve the problem?
You can follow some troubleshooting steps listed at http://advertlets.blogspot.com, a site temporarily set up to assist in
this issue. Or, you can remove your code for the time being, and we will notify you when it has been fully resolved.

Whose fault is it?
Ours. The short answer is that it is our fault. The longer answer is that we tried everything we could as soon as we knew, however, some uncontactable and uncooperative parties made it harder. Nevertheless, the blame lies with us, and we will take full responsibility for it, and to resolve it.

What will happen to my current earnings?
Your current earnings will be retained within the system, and we will continue to serve paid ads for you to continue to earn in future.

If I choose to continue with Advertlets, can I be assured that this will never happen again? And how do you intend to compensate us for the error?
The domain has also been renewed, and we will make sure that this can never happen again. We resolve to do better in future, and have more failsafe options available. A financial compensation plan is being worked out, and will be announced on after we have assessed the full situation.

Will we be continuing operations?
Yes. Paid ads are beginning to be served through the system again in available locations.

Where is service available as of now? How soon until everything is okay?
We've received reports that most of the DNS has successfully resolved for the following ISPs:

- Jaring (Malaysia)
- TMNet (Malaysia)
- Starhub Maxonline (Singapore)
- PT Telkom (Indonesia)

Service is continuing to be restored throughout the rest of Asia and the world and all service should be fully restored in less than 12

Its heartening that some have been of great assistance to us in this difficult time, providing us with service updates from their area as well as moral support. But to those that were frustrated, we understand your frustration, and it frustrates us even more to have
been the source of it. All in all, we are still in awe as to how passionate all of you are.

And how many people have chosen to make Advertlets part of their channel of expression. It is our hope that you can continue to do so. Service is close to being 100% restored, and we will be notifying all when service is fully functional, to assist you with your decision on the continued use of our services. Your impressions are your votes. And if you can forgive us, we will make sure your trust is never again misplaced.

We will be making some personnel changes and new additions to ensure that everything - support, ad loading time, code, and more run smoothly in future. Major upgrades to the system are due in February, in the form of Advertlets 2.0 with new ad formats, referrals, earning graphs, social features, and traffic generation facilities. And of course morecontests, advertising revenue and sponsored post opportunities.

We hope that in the next few days we can prove ourselves again to you, nevertheless, our redemption will be in your hands. Once again, we apologize.

Josh Lim
On behalf of all at Advertlets.com

That's it for now.. Willl keep you updated on further news.


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Thursday, January 3, 2008

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