Sunday, December 23, 2007

Don't Trust Too Easily

Earlier today, while clicking on my paid to read emails, I got an email from the admin of No-Minimum, a program that have paid me multiple times before. This time however, the title and the content of the email really caught my eyes. Here's the screen capture:

So here's the attachment:

Noticed the url of this site:

Because I was skeptical about the url, I did not fill in any information but still clicked on the "Get my Prize" button instead and surprisingly another page opened:

Again, I did not fill in any information but click on the "Get your Prize" button again... an E-gold form site appeared:

I wrote to the admin of the program and as what I have suspected, here's their reply which came very promptly:

So folks, don't get too excited by any kind of email especially if it says you won something. Check and re-check the url and if in doubt write to the admin of the program from the program's main page. I would have lost $9.25 today if I had not paid attention to details like the url. And remember if you did fill up any information, now is the time to change all those password :-)


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