Sunday, December 30, 2007

BlogCharm site shut down

Are you a blogcharm site user? Well I use blogcharm to blog about my payout proof. Unfortunately when I check in today, I found this notice at their site.

What is worse, there is no way to enter the site anymore and no way to access to my entries and no way to save my entries as well! Also I've not even met their minimum payout yet which means I could not request for payout as well! Arghhh!!!

Oh well, you win some, you lose some I guess! So in meantime, please bear with me while I create another blog for my payout proof ya!



  1. I also was a member of BlogCharm and saw this notice at the end of December when I went to login to update my posts. I am sorry to hear you lost your posts, I had mine saved on a usb drive. I wish they would have informed us by email before they shut the site down so we could get the info we need from our posts. I look forward to reading you payment proof blog.

  2. Hi Sweettrix,

    Welcome to my blog. You are right. I was pretty upset at Blogcharm for not at least letting us know that it was closing down. Good thing you saved yours. I was not that lucky. Anyway still updating this blog with the proper links and re-entering my payout blog.. what a hassle..

    Anyway, such is life ;)

    Hope you see you again here soon :)

    Take care


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