Monday, December 31, 2007

Transaction Complete

Ok folks, I promised I was gonna update you on my withdrawal from Malaysian Paypal account to my Al-Rajhi debit card. So here's the update :-)

I am happy to report the money was successful transfered to my bank account as shown below. It was super fast. I requested for the transfer on 28th December and on the 31st, the money's in the bank already. Well done Paypal. Well done Al-Rahji. The RM1 was a charge by the bank for the activation of the debit card with Paypal.

Life's great ain't it.

Happy New Year people and may the new year bring forth more online money for us all :-)


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Sunday, December 30, 2007

BlogCharm site shut down

Are you a blogcharm site user? Well I use blogcharm to blog about my payout proof. Unfortunately when I check in today, I found this notice at their site.

What is worse, there is no way to enter the site anymore and no way to access to my entries and no way to save my entries as well! Also I've not even met their minimum payout yet which means I could not request for payout as well! Arghhh!!!

Oh well, you win some, you lose some I guess! So in meantime, please bear with me while I create another blog for my payout proof ya!


Friday, December 28, 2007

My Official Withdrawal to my Debit Card

Ok. I've finally got my Expanded Use number from my online credit card bankin. This took two days. Like I wrote before, this process could take longer if you don't have online banking for your credit card as you will need to get your statement in the slow mail.

I've entereed the number as requested and now my (or actually, my hubby's paypal account) is now officicially verified and I can start withdrawing money to the Al-Rajhi debit card.

I will update you again when I receive my money in the bank!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Paypal Money.. come to Momma!

I finally did it. Actually my hubby finally did it. Opened a Al Rajhi Bank Account I mean. The process was effortless, no queue, no crowd. Perfect day at the bank. I decided to ask hubby to opened the account in his name so as to avoid complicated sign up, you know me being a foreigner and need work permit lah, copy of social visa pass lah.. so troublesome.

In fifteen minutes, all was done. The savings account was opened with only a minimum amount of RM20 needed but hubby ended up putting RM50 instead. We got the ATM cum debit visa card and we are set to go.

Upon reaching home, I switched on the computer, activated the internet banking, created a new paypal account for hubby and entered the debit card digits. All done in a breeze. I transfered USD105 from my own verified paypal account to hubby's account and was all ready to do that wonderful transfer to the debit card. Now to let you know, I've been withdrawing my earnings from my paypal account to my Singapore bank account without any hiccups so I did not need to do this but since I decided I want to spend my earnings here in Malaysia and if I were to withdraw from my SG account here using the ATM, I would lose out in terms of the currency rate, hence this exercise.

Anyway, after reading so many positive reviews and ease of this particular exercise, I thought why not. So I clicked on the withdraw tab, entered the amount USD105, $5 being the withdrawal fee and hit Enter. And what do I see:

After checking and rechecking and after confirmation with Marzie, it seems I need to get this paypal account verified first using my, well in this case, hubby's normal credit card. A verified account would not encounter this problem as there are no withdrawal limit. See no one told me that. And also you can't verify your paypal account using a debit card. Believe me, I try..lolz

So here are tips on a successful transfer:
  1. After creating your Malaysian paypal account, immediately verify it using your credit card. This process would take take between 2 to 3o days. Two days if you have access to your credit card account online and thirty if you only receive your statement via normal mail. This is because to verify your account you need what paypal refer to as "Expanded Use Number" which can be found on the transaction detail of your credit card charge
  2. One note on setting up your account. Please make sure that the name you used to sign up with paypal is the same as your bank, credit and debit card account. This is to avoid any unnecessary complications later.
  3. Then in my case, open up a Al-Rajhi Bank savings account. You only need RM20 to start and you'll get your debit cum ATM card immediately upon application. Activate your internet banking if you so desire at their ATM machine.
  4. Then log into your paypal account. Enter another credit/debit card number which can be found in your profile and withdraw away. Remember not to withdraw too much on your first transaction, coz I read somewhere, paypal might freeze your account or something. So remember go slow!
Good luck!...

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Don't Trust Too Easily

Earlier today, while clicking on my paid to read emails, I got an email from the admin of No-Minimum, a program that have paid me multiple times before. This time however, the title and the content of the email really caught my eyes. Here's the screen capture:

So here's the attachment:

Noticed the url of this site:

Because I was skeptical about the url, I did not fill in any information but still clicked on the "Get my Prize" button instead and surprisingly another page opened:

Again, I did not fill in any information but click on the "Get your Prize" button again... an E-gold form site appeared:

I wrote to the admin of the program and as what I have suspected, here's their reply which came very promptly:

So folks, don't get too excited by any kind of email especially if it says you won something. Check and re-check the url and if in doubt write to the admin of the program from the program's main page. I would have lost $9.25 today if I had not paid attention to details like the url. And remember if you did fill up any information, now is the time to change all those password :-)


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Make Money Videos

Like me, you probably have tons of videos that you store in your hard drive in hopes of sharing it with your readers someday. Well, the time is now because with AdoTube.com, not only can you show off your videos, you can make money from it too! Your interest peaked? Good!

With Google slashing our PR because of, shall I say, compensated posting, now is the time to look at other avenues to earn from your blog and this program may just be it. What happens is when you show your videos online, there is this “roll-over mouse” message and when the mouse rolls over the area, an interactive ad which is demographically targeted for the viewer will appear. This is strictly opt-in so you choose what videos will show the ads. Below is their press release that would explain the program more.

Press Release:

Blogs, online Web logs or journals, have become wildly popular -- so much so that Business Week printed an article, earlier this year, to shed some light on just how many blogs there are and how often people participate in this form of communication. They reported that there are over 70 million blogs worldwide, with over 15 million of them being considered active, that is, updated regularly.

Research shows that about 1.5 million new blog posts are created every day. Most bloggers set out to make money from their blogs, yet the majority of them don’t know the most lucrative routes to take in order to make that actually happen.

“There are people out there making a living off of blogging, and there are some making just a little bit each month,” explains Leo Grzhonko, president of Adotube.com. “The difference between making nothing and getting paid each month to share your thoughts on a blog comes down to taking advantage of proper revenue channels.”

There are many routes people can take in an effort to raise money from their blog. But if people aren’t keeping up on the latest methods, they may not be getting what they could in return. Many bloggers have taken advantage of the viewer’s love of watching online videos, coupled with their experience of not wanting to be interrupted by advertisements. This route is one that many find in the AdoTube Interactive In-Stream Media Player Technology. They have made it as easy as showing online videos with an intriguing “roll-over mouse” message. When the mouse rolls over the area, an interactive ad -- demographically targeted for the viewer -- appears.

“Our opt-in advertising technology was created for those seeking a simple and effective way to make money online,” adds Grzhonko. “We refer to it as the in-stream interactive online video monetizing solution. With this, anyone can take their blog or Web site and turn it into a profitable venture.”

So, are you ready to show off those videos now and earn? Check out their website for more details.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Good News from WidgetBucks

I knew there was good reason to procastinate sometimes. WidgetBucks (WB) have recently sent out an email to all its members regarding their newly launched International CPM ads for blogs with lots of non-US traffic.

I'll let the email do the explaination..

Dear WidgetBucks Publishers,

As mentioned in our email at the end of November, today we have successfully launched International CPM ads to be included in our Widgets.

We are now serving CPM ads to the non-U.S./Canada traffic. This will give you revenue, per impression, for your site visitors who come from other countries. This is designed to help publishers who have a blend of traffic from a variety of countries.

Our system will do the geo-location for you, determining where the visitor is coming from. Then we'll either show the regular pay-per-click widget (to visitors from the U.S. and Canada) or show an ad that pays per impression (to visitors from other countries).

To get started, you will need to log into your WidgetBucks account and re-copy the Widget code under "My Widgets". After you replace the code on your site, the widget will update ad types automatically.

We're also proud to mention that we've been selected as a finalist for the Open Web Awards. We invite you to visit the site and vote for WidgetBucks!

If you have any questions about the launch of International CPM ads, please contact us at http://support.mpire.com

Happy earning!
The WidgetBucks Team

So I hoped you had taken my advice for that wait and see attitude first or did you already removed your widget??


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Monday, December 10, 2007

Small Business Lines of Credit

If you are looking for a Small Business Line of Credit, perhaps you can check out this site called The EZUnsecured dot com. The website not only offer Small Business Lines of Credit but also a host of other loans that you can apply for online. Their easy process, great service and fast funding makes this site one of the more pleasurable site to work with.

So check it out won't you.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Play Online Backgammon and Earn

If you love backgammon and play for fun, isn't it about time you play it online and earn? Well now, you can. Play online backgammon at Mister Gammon for fun or if you think you are a real ace at the game you can open an account, put in a deposit and play for real money.

The site gives you access in six languages and offers you backgammon online and offline meaning if you feel you want to get the hang of the game first, you can just download the software for free and if challenge is what you desire, you can partipate in their tournaments.

By the way, the site also offers an affiliate program. So if you dying to find out how that works, check out the website alright :-)


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Catch the Wave!

In my quest to ever make money online, I found another opportunity to make money blogging. Yes! Ching-ching!. LOL

The program is from bloggerwave and anyone who is interested to "blog for money" should really give it a try. My blog was approved within minutes and I was able to take up this opportunity to write about them immediately upon blog approval. I say... Real Sweetness :-).. As I wasn't very sure about the posting method, I wrote to the admin and what do you know he/she responded in record time. Now that is customer service.

Bloggerwave also has plenty of opportunities and I really look forward to write for them more often but since my blog is relatively new, I only have a few opportunities open to me currently.

So what are you waiting for....Catch the blog wave with Bloggerwave.... ching ching :)

This is drawn from a hidden folder

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ask the Marketing Guy

I just sent a second email recently to a company that advertised online for Betta Fighters (a kind of fighting fish) for someone I know. It's now been a week since the first email and I was getting frustrated as I did not get any response from them. I figured the reason why they are not answering is probably because my email went to their spam box or something.

Then as I was surfing today, I found this website that had an article on how to let recipients know that your email is not a spam email. It is basically written by Jeffrey Gray, the Marketing Guy at iContact who would answer any questions you may have related to online and multi-channel communications.

This is really a useful site and any questions that you may have will be answered in their iContact Marketing Monthly and in their iContact Blog. So ask away people.

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