Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Update on WidgetBucks

Can't the world like just stop turning for 14 days? I was gone for that number of days and the changes that are going around the blogosphere is maddening. First the PR never ending saga, then IZEA coming up with RealRank and now on my login to WB found that that they are no longer paying for clicks from countries outside of USA and Canada!

Quoted from the site:
Starting tomorrow (Nov. 15), clicks coming from outside the U.S. and Canada on WidgetBucks widgets will no longer be charged to merchants, and therefore, no publisher credit will be given for those clicks. This will positively impact publisher RPC levels, and the change does not affect earnings from October (just posted) or the first half of November.
We will definitely evaluate re-adding certain countries over time and evaluate their conversions -- but for the next few weeks, it's critical that we are diligent about click traffic in order to recover RPC numbers.
So I'm giving the program till the end of the year before making any rash decision to leave the program. What will you do?

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