Thursday, November 1, 2007

No Water No Talk

Water issues sucks in condominium. At least mine does. Firstly we, condo dwellers, are charge RM1.85 per cubic meter when others are being charge only about half of that. You know I pay like RM40.00 a month for my water bill while my FIL only pays like RM25.00. Mind you, our apartment is like 1/4 of what FIL's house is. He waters his plants daily, four grown adults living there, daily cooking and daily laundry. We only have 2 adults, once a week laundry, the occasional cooking and no plants to water!

So, I ask you. Is it fair? Don't mind me though, I'm just grouchy coz I had to sleep at hubby's office because despite paying a bomb for the water supply at home, yesterday there was no supply at ALL!.. and today.. still no water! Arghghghghgh..

Honey darling.. we got to move!

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