Monday, November 12, 2007

My Blog Design Sucks

My blog design sucks! I am currently in Singapore and managed to just sneak into a cyber cafe after a shopping spree with mommy and upon checking my site, I noticed that all my blog design sucks viewing it in IE6. The margins are all screwed up and all alignment are off!. The problem was when I was doing it back home in KL, using Firefox 2(I think, correct me if I'm wrong hubby), and IE7 (again correct me if I'm wrong love), everything looks perfect... now I'm really inching to see where the coding went wrong.. Arghhhhh and this cyber cafe USB port don't work so I can't screen capture for you guys to see what I mean....Arghhghggh!!!

Guess I just have to be patient lah!! Relax LJ, relax.. you're not supposed to be checking in anyways..hehehe

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