Friday, November 9, 2007

The MLM Bug

When I was over at my friend's house during the Hari Raya's open house last week, his mom introduced us to yet another multilevel marketing program that, according to her, is making members millionaires easily. The company has been around for about five years and is making headlines in Indonesia, Singapore and yes, Malaysia. Honestly, I grow weary of MLM programs and was not at all impressed with the business plan but I was intrigued by the products though and so I relented. I am now officially a member of the club (so I would probably be a millionaire next year..lolz) and off to make my first purchase later today.

Hmm... what have I gotten myself into??


  1. What business did you get into?

  2. Hi there cctayl :-)

    It's actually an offline MLM business called Melilea. It's features organic health product. I'm primarily in it for health purposes but it I am convinced enough, would probably try to promote it and make side income perhaps :-)

    Thanks for visiting and hope to see more of you..



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