Monday, November 5, 2007

Adsense in your RSS

If you are using feedburner dot com as your RSS syndicator, you might want to check into your account and make sure you activate your FeedBurner Ad Network and Google Adsense for content id under the "Monetize" tab. You can then configure how you want these ads to appear in your feed and on your web site.

Firstly you have to go...

Next you have to change this option..

to ...

After this, the system would ask you to enter your email address that you use to log into your adsense account with and either your postal code or the last five digit of the phone number that you register in your account.

Once everything is confirmed, you will then see this screen

Click in the box and everything that was dimmed before will be instantly clear. From this screen, you can select what channel and ads configuration you so desire. And then you are done. That's it folks...

I'm not sure whether it works yet. Theoretical it should, so the next time I see it I will update this post ok?

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