Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Search and Earn

If you've been disappointed with Slashmysearch program like I was, you'll be pleased with this one. It is a paid to search program and they pay! Your earnings are not related to any clicks you do on the result page but only the search itself.

Zotspot pays monthly via paypal at any amount. Please note that there is a 60 day delay between the time that the month closes and the time when they allocate money to your account. So it will take a month or two before you see your first earnings. After the first earnings are allocated to your account, if you continue to use zotspot search, more money will be allocated to your account approximately every 30 days. Once you have been paid you can withdraw your funds at any time. They'll send the money directly to you or allocate it to the charity that you selected.

So search away....


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  3. Hi there linkylove..

    I've added the code to my blog under "My Blog Communities"

    Thanks :-)

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